Fast Eaters Are Mostly Men…

BIG_BITEBy Trish Derge

Have you ever had a meal, seated across from your husband or boyfriend, and wonder to yourself, “Does he even taste what he’s eating? How does he manage to inhale all that in such a short span of time? He’s like a young wolf! I’d bet that if I reached my hand across the table in proximity to this gastronomic force of nature, he’d nip off the end of a finger or two and never break mandibular stride.”

For those who have observed the sometime unappealing way men consume their food, you may be happy to know that there’s newly discovered science behind why. 

Yes, a new experiment conducted by several emaciated researchers at Semyung University in South Korea have confirmed that (fanfare!) men eat their food much faster than women.

Guess what they concluded as to why?

Men take bigger bites and chew at a faster pace.

Stop the presses! Really? Didn’t see that one coming.

The team initially set out to study the relationship between “chewing rates and obesity” for the journal Physiology & Behavior.  But the results showed a stronger correlation between chewing and gender. Makes sense.

They conducted the study by attaching electrodes to the jaw muscles of all 48 participants; 24 men and 24 women.

They then measured the speed at which they consumed 152 grams (about a cup and a quarter) of boiled white rice.

Though the study group was very small, the researchers concluded that, “men have significantly different chewing performances compared with women.” 

The team found that eating behaviors vary “significantly by obesity status,” but the discrepancy was more pronounced between men and women.

The team of researchers hope to use these findings to inform gender specific treatments of obesity in the future.

They could have saved a lot of time and grant money last November if they’d have only accepted my invitation to Thanksgiving dinner, and focused their study on my brother-in-law Bob.

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