Fire Over the Fox on the Fourth!

fotf-logo_festival-foodsBY Patrick Mares

I caught up with Rick Pruski, and he was able to give us the inside scoop on what we’ll see this year at Fire Over the Fox.
Patrick: Would you describe where everyone this year’s “Fire.”

Rick: Across the main street bridge, basically up to Broadway on the west side of Green Bay we have planned for a number of musical stages and performance stages. We have all kinds of food vendors covering the gamut of just about everything, festival and carnival type foods. And of course everything culminates with fireworks which will start when it’s good and dark…about 9:45 or so on the fourth.

Patrick: Attendance usually numbers in the thousands.

Rick: Our local police estimate well over 100,000 people come down every year for this event.

Patrick: Drop a few names of what bands are booked.

Rick: At the Neville museum we have the music youth stage, which is a new stage this year where young people learning the music industry, and learning how to be in a band and so on will be performing. We have a couple stages in Leicht Park where we’ll have great performances from bands like Red Cougers, Consult the Briefcase, and Johnny Walk.

Patrick: And the Waterbird Warriors Waterski show is always popular!

Rick: Right on the Fox River at three o’clock. Plus there’s the stage over on City Deck where we’ll be doing a number of different family oriented activities, and also WFRV, and Midwest Communications also have a stage.

Patrick: What about the Rocker Chicks?

Rick: They’re on the Northland Stage, which is just off of Washington St. and they have six different bands scheduled for the fourth.

Patrick: What sets this fireworks festival apart from all others?

Rick: Well, this is probably, I think it’s the largest fireworks display north of Milwaukee. It’s all set to music and simulcast on Y100. It’s a free event, and meant for all ages, from little kids to senior citizens, everybody can have a good time.

Patrick: It’s free, but if you want a better seat, then what?

Rick: We have preferred seating. You can’t get any closer, nor a better view for just $10. It’s right on the water front, on the west side, in Leicht Park. People can buy in advance at the Festival Foods or the Boston Store in downtown Green Bay.

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