The Unheard Of Celebrate 30 Years

unheard_of_bwBY Blaine Schultz

Has there ever been a band more appropriately named than The Unheard Of?  They couldn’t get arrested in their own back yard, yet have seven vinyl releases at home and in Europe.

Recently the group celebrated its 30 year milestone on WMSE 91.7 fm.

Three decades ago Jim Galaxy and the late Dave Raeck got together to concoct a psychedelic/garage rock cocktail.  Blending Raeck’s Stooges/Cramps/MC5 influences with Galaxy’s Yardbirds/Chocolate Watchband/13th Floor Elevators leanings, it is a sound that remains the band’s sonic foundation.

“Even after he left the band Dave remained our musical compass. It was his idea for us to get vinyl released in Europe.”

“You know we never were a ‘Milwaukee’ band,” said leader Galaxy. “We were always a little bit nomadic, always on the fringes. Our success has been to have fans on five of the seven continents and to have fans far and wide. The biggest fan base is in Greece and Italy,”

The band started out playing obscure psychedelic and garage covers, evolving to add originals and after that the VOX sound the vinyl era.

With their roots in Germantown, the band eventually ventured into Milwaukee to play a gig at the late, lamented Century Hall with Liquid Pink.

unheard_of_car“Of the 3 of us who started the band, I am the only one still here to tell the story,” says Galaxy.  Current members include mark Dietrich, Frank Milligan, Mel Montemayor III and Galaxy. Past collaborators have included  Glenn Rehse, Julie Brandenburg, Dale Kaminski, Lori Kern and the late-Davey Jones. A 2015 recording session is in progress.

While live appearances remain few and far between, Galaxy and company soldier on, content with an “overseas niche and pockets of zealots everywhere.”

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