Boom Forest: Ethereal Wailings

boom_forestMany talented bands are part of Mile of Music 2015, the most anticipated music festival to take place in the Fox Valley this year. Some reach down and grab hold of your heart with a fury strong enough to make an indelible impression.

Such is the case with repeat offender, Boom Forest. Originally from Baraboo, Wisconsin, Boom Forest describes its eclectic sound as a “mix of the Beach Boys and Depeche Mode,” but it takes standing in the middle of a crowded room listening to their soulful voices to understand what that entails.

Lead vocalist John Paul Roney started writing for Boom Forest about five years ago when he did a year long experiment where he only gave himself access to tools Paul McCartney had in the 60s. “The music that was coming out was a lot different than my past projects so I decided to start something new with it,” says Roney who is joined by bandmates Andrew Fraser, Aaron Simmons, Chris Payne and Matt Scibilia.

From this unique creative experience comes amazing melodies filled with beautifully emotional lyrics that pull you to a different world. Roney’s hypnotic voice tells stories of joy and woe, accompanied by melancholy instrumentation. The lament of the cello mingles seamlessly with the voices of his counterparts in a cappella, taking the listener along to astounding depths.

The first song from Boom Forest’s self-titled debut album, named “Wooden Heart”, is a soft harmony that sets the tone for the collective compositions. Roney explains that “anything that moves me in a certain way goes into consideration when I’m making new music […] I’d say there’s a heavy dose of the Sufjan Stevens, Father John Misty, Bon Iver, Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell in what we’re doing.”

Another cut from the album, titled “Baby Teeth” has a combination of war-like drums, beautiful strings and voices, mixed with history and the experiences of a boy. The accompanying video is both compelling and visually creative, an artful compilation that fills the stage to sublime perfection.

An example of Boom Forest’s musical accomplishment is the track “No Lion,” a full a cappella ballad that harmonizes flawlessly and speaks of the tale of unrequited love. The story reveals a protagonist who ultimately becomes stronger as a result of experiences faced. It’s inspiring, deeply moving, and intimately relatable to anyone who’s ever been in such a predicament.

As to what is in store for this collective of talent? Boom Forest has a new record titled “Post Knight Errant” with an expected release date in September 2015. They are also collaborating with Redbull’s Sound Select program, and they have shows coming up through festivals and other performances that they are very excited about. A tour is said to be on the horizon, which includes Wisconsin bookings.

You can find out more about Boom Forest via their many social network links., on Instagram @boomforestmusic and twitter @boomforest. Also, check out their website

For Mile 3, make sure you don’t miss their performance and what they describe in their bio as “the spiritual wailings of John Paul Roney from the automated woods of Tomorrow.” If you are looking for a musical journey, take the road that leads to the Boom Forest stage.

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