Bring on the Dark and Funky with Kyle Megna and the Monsoons!

AP_kylemegna_themonsoonsBY Jean Detjen

Kyle Megna and the Monsoons is an original Wisconsin band with an ever-growing following locally and beyond. A tight-knit group of accomplished, charismatic musicians with diverse backgrounds, these guys know how to have fun while always keeping it professional. aBest seen live, they feed off the vibe of the crowd as well as each other. Their “dark-indie-blues-folk-rock feel” is a magnetic force that’s ever-charged with surges of creativity and artistic experimentation. Fused with a healthy dose of spontaneity and humor, Kyle Megna and the Monsoons channel can’t-get-enough energy that’s good for the soul.

Who’s who:
Jon Wheelock – Bass
Ryan Seefeldt – Drums
Dave LeBlanc – Keys
Aaron Zepplin – Lead Guitar
Ross Catterton – Sax
Kyle Megna – Vocals/Guitar

A recent interview with Kyle Megna explores their newly released EP Dark Funk and shines a little light on how this lively cast of talented musicians mesh with one another.

JD: Tell me about your latest Dark Funk project.

KM: Dark Funk is our new LIVE EP. The EP is 6 songs representing our current live show and our current members. An eight hour LIVE session turned into a 6 song EP.

JD: How would you describe the feel of this new release?

We’re sometimes asked to describe the feel of the music. The best feeling we could come up with for this project was funky music mixed with down to earth dark lyrics. This project was recorded in April and will got it in our hands on June 25th.

JD: What do you look forward to as a band? What’s the next step for you guys?

KM: We look forward to playing as much as we can and playing bigger stages when we have the chance. It’s a busy year with Waterfest, Summerfest, Paperfest, Mile of Music, and many more. We’re all grateful to be doing what we love and being able to be working musicians.

JD: What are your perceptions of the local music scene and how it’s changed over the years you’ve been playing here?

AP_dark_funkKM: Being able to play original music 3 or 4 times a week says a lot about the local music scene and how it has changed. That was unheard of years ago and now many bands are doing just that! The big push on the community was Mile of Music. The festival has paved the way for bands and listener. It’s now okay to be in a bar and listen to something fresh and new. The scene in the Fox Cities has done a 180 for the better.

JD: How would you describe your writing style and methodology?

KM: When writing a song I usually concentrate on the space and melody. If you looked on my cell phone I have hundreds of short recordings. This may be me and my guitar in my living room, or when I walk my dog and I hear a melody. The thing that makes me tick is to constantly create.

JD: What are some of your favorite Wisconsin venues in which to play?

KM: I really enjoy being outside. We played Waterfest recently, and it was a blast to play on a stage with that much room.
JD: Tell me something your fans may not already know about you and your band.

KM: More than half the group and I go back 10 plus years. Jon, Ryan, and myself all went to the same high school. We also always try to gross out Dave our keyboard player because he has great reactions.

JD: What is the funniest or craziest shared memory you have as a band?

KM: A drunk guy brought a bag full percussion instruments in to a bar and decided to join the band. It was horrible and we all wanted to punch him. :) Who does that???

JD: Any muses or forces of inspiration of note?

KM: Good friends and family inspire me. Having a good support group is key. Sometimes I dig up the past and get inspired. Also, my niece was at a show last month dancing and knew most of the songs we were playing. She came back stage and me a big hug and couldn’t believe that was her uncle playing at Waterfest. It’s things like that that inspire me to play music and create.

JD: Do you have any nicknames for each other?

KM: Keith Beef, Guy Trout, Dugie Ivory, Chuck river and Cliff Diamond. From left to right: Ryan Seefeldt, Kyle Megna, Dave LeBlanc, Charlie Kilgas and Jon Wheelock. Aaron and Ross are new to the band. Aaron would be “Zep” and Ross would be “Ross the boss.”

To learn more about Kyle Megna and The Monsoons be sure to check out their website and social media band links:

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