Delicious Fun and Charity at Gold Ribbin’ BBQFest


GB_GRBBQ_poster-2015-01By Patrick Mares

This year the Gold Ribbin’ BBQFest of Greater Green Bay is going to be held in the heart of the city, at Lambeau Stadium. The event, which raises money for Golden House Domestic Abuse Program and Shelter is already shaping up to be twice as big as last year’s competition and Koren Bandoch, the Communications and Development Coordinator with Golden House was on hand to tell us all about it.

SCENE: How did the BBQ come about and how many years have you been doing it?

Bandoch: The Barbeque kind of morphed from one of our other events. We had a longstanding motorcycle ride, and it needed some new life so we added a barbecue element to that for a couple years. And then we wanted it to be a little bit more family-friendly and focus more on barbecue, an exciting up and coming trend in our local culture. Last year was our first year as a Kansas City Sanctioned Barbecue Event. We grew to about 42 [competing] teams last year. Now we’re at about 76 teams at last count. So the move to Lambeau was huge.

SCENE: What does it take to be a Kansas City Barbecue Sanctioned Event?

Bandoch: Basically what it means is we’re working with the Kansas City Barbecue Society to make sure that we’re following their rules. We have representatives from that organization coming in to help us with the competition to make sure that it is of high quality. There are a lot of teams around this area and around the country that only compete in events that are sanctioned by Kansas city barbecue society. So really, getting sanctioned created a whole new audience for our event.

SCENE: And the picnic?

Bandoch: The other side of the event is the public picnic. It’s free admission from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. And we just want to invite families to come down and have a good time together. We have a pie eating contest; a wing eating contest; we’ve got a bean bag tournament; there’s a kid’s area with games in it; and of course we’ll have some barbecue for sale. Due to Health Department Regulations [participants] can’t give out samples, but some of the teams are vending their food for lunch. So you can stop by, grab some barbecue and have a good time.

SCENE: As we go to print you’re at 76 competitors.

Bandoch: And we’re hoping to get a few more in the coming weeks.

SCENE: If someone has what they is a winning recipe, how do they enter?

Bandoch: Just go on our website and register for the competition. Our base fee is $250. In addition to the four main categories, we have a dessert category as well. It’s $25 extra to compete in that one. But if you don’t have the money yourself you can raise it. Participants who’ve raised $500 in pledges to Golden House can get in for free. You can pay the $250 to reserve your place in the competition and we’ll refund you when you reach $500 in pledges.

SCENE: And you’re holding a raffle.

GB_GoldRibbinBBQ-162Bandoch: Tickets are available now and anytime up until the event. And the grand prize for that raffle is Packers 2015 season tickets: four tickets to all 10 home games, plus four season passes to a party house with all you can eat in food and drinks. Tickets to that are $20 each or six for $100.

SCENE: And it all benefits the Golden House?

Bandoch: Yes, the proceed go to Golden House, which is a domestic violence program here in Green Bay. The program began in 1979 as an entirely volunteer 24-hour organization known as the Brown County Task Force for Battered Women. Support groups, community counseling, and children’s programming were added over time, and the first shelter for women and children was established in 1981. The first permanent shelter was a gift from Thomas J. Lutsey, Sr. the owner and president of Gold Bond Company, and that’s how it became known as Golden House.

SCENE: It’s really grown over the years.

Bandoch: Today the agency, Golden House, Inc. operates out of a building on University Avenue in Green Bay with 11 bedrooms, enough capacity for 40 women and children. Golden House, Inc. offers a comprehensive program that includes a 24-hour emergency Helpline, 24-hour emergency shelter, legal advocacy, individual counseling for victims and their children, group counseling for victims and their children, and outreach programming.

What is a Sanctioned Kansas City Barbecue Contest?
According to their web site: a Traditional Sanctioned Contest requires the teams to cook 4 meats (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork Butt, & Brisket).  The cooking source at a Traditional Sanctioned Contest must be wood, wood pellets or charcoal.  In addition, Traditional Sanctioned Contests are eligible to earn entry into the American Royal, and the Jack Daniels World Championship.  And all teams who participate in a Traditional Sanctioned Contest earn points towards the KCBS Team of the Year awards held each year at an annual banquet.

Those interested in a full set of rules can download them at the site, or pick up a copy as they register for the Gold Ribbin’ BBQFest at

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