MyDesireCoverArtBY George Halas

Given that one of the songs on this CD has been nominated for an international award, this reviewer believes that he is not going out on a limb in stating that “My Desire of You” is a great album and arguably the best yet from Jamie Lynn Fletcher.

She has an excellent voice and tastefully subdued vocal style that creates intrigue and a certain journey-into-the-unknown feel. She complements her voice by choosing keys and notes lower than most female vocalist, again creating intrigue. Her songs often sound like the music that sets up the scary part of the movie…or is it romance…or is it both? She is also an outstanding – again intriguing – lyricist.

The title/opening track, “My Desire For You” is a tune that gets you on the first bass note and keeps you with an intoxicating beat and intelligent, inventive lyrics that sit perfectly on top of her piano-driven groove. She leaves one wondering if she truly embraces her desire; the lyrical twists will encourage multiple listens.

The award-nominated (see “The Spanish Inquisition” in this issue for detail) “I’ll Kiss You In The Rain” has that same multiple-listenable quality. It features a Brazilian tempo sparked by Fletcher’s stylish piano augmented by rhythmic guitar and includes sweet chord, tempo and mood changes. Her vocal sets an emotionally evocative tone that brings out the happy.

Fletcher lures you into “Dangerous Beautiful” with an acoustic guitar intro then traps in a harmonic and intensity build that definitely sounds dangerous…but captivating. She uses a jazzier guitar to take you into a rather tastefully adult “In My Dreams.” She needs only an acoustic guitar to present the case her heart vs. her soul in of “Unresolved.”

She is very pleased with the sound and feel of the entire album and a newly discovered emotional vulnerability.

“Having the most amazing recording engineer and producer on the planet doesn’t hurt either,” she emphasized. “Marc Golde broke me, I don’t know how many times, in the studio over getting into the right emotional place on each song. He would accept nothing less. Who knew rocker guys could be so sensitive. He might kill me for repeating this, but regarding “What Now”, he says ‘this makes me want to just to go ice skating with Audrey Hepburn in Central Park”.

Had this reviewer thinking of lacing up the skates as well, but it’s a song that would work well with wine and a fire.

“And Marc’s board,” she continued, “this is my first album on ‘that board’ – Vintage analog 30 channel API Aengus Model 73- one of only two ever made. Play it through a set of old beastly analog speakers and the cellos will dance around the room while I whisper the lyrics in your ear. It is sometimes unnervingly intimate. You hear every spit crackle and every breath. The only effect used was an authentic plate reverb. Marc had the vision for this work and executed it immaculately, as did the musicians and beautiful photographer Sofia of Sofia Imagery. You have to see the cover – wow! The album was mastered at Sterling Audio in New York which pushed the vision right over the top.”

The songs on this album will also sound great live, so it might be a good idea to catch Jamie Lynn Fletcher at one of her upcoming gigs and grab a CD there. You can download of free copy of the award-nominated “The Fool” from her 2012 release “Jamie” as well as her schedule at

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