COOL WATERS BAND Heats Things Up with Feverish Fervor

cool_watersBy Jean Detjen

Fox Cities-based Cool Waters Band (CWB) is known for consistently channeling good time rock and roll energy with seamlessly smooth musicianship. A tight-knit group infused with roots influences and a groovy vibe, CWB knows how to deliver full on fun with practiced finesse. Reunited after a hiatus, this charismatic, crowd-pleasing band exudes a confident energy with undeniable staying power.

Greg Waters (Vocals, Guitar)
Dan Waters (Lead Guitar, Vox)
Mike Cool (Bass)
Matt Gieseke (Drums)
Rick Rajchel (Sax)
Scott Sukow (Trombone)

I caught up with band leader Greg Waters recently who shared some thoughts on their newly released CD “Some Kind of Fever,” and their goals.

JD: Tell me about your new CD Some Kind of Fever.

GW: We’re pretty excited about this one. I feel like the songs are a great representation of who we are today, and I am really proud of that from a personal and band perspective. The process was a bit different than that of our past albums, but I think it kept us all on our toes. I wrote a good chunk of the album in a creative whirlwind early last summer. I was writing songs in the car, at work, in the shower – you name it. Within a two week span, I had my little hand held recorder filled with ideas. Somehow, I managed to narrow everything down to about 10-12 songs. We didn’t rehearse them a whole lot in hopes to capture some of that raw energy that new songs tend to bring. Also, in order to switch things up a bit and stick to our budget, we did a good chunk of recording and editing in my basement studio. We did the rest of the recording and mixing with our long time friend, engineer, and occasional band mate, Marc Golde at Rock Garden. Marc was great (especially considering he had to deal with me hobbling around on a broken foot throughout the entire recording process). After a about a year’s worth of work… Some Kind Of Fever – our 8th studio album is ready.

JD: Do you prefer to play originals or covers?

GW: This has always been an interesting subject for us. I love playing covers…only when we don’t have to. It hasn’t always been easy, but we have always taken pride in being an original band. We have big respect for the area’s cover bands, but I think we have always been more interested in the artistic side of music…creating it, believing it, and living it. I won’t deny that we do our share of covers from show to show. In order to maintain and grow a following in this area, you have to be smart. It’s almost a must. We kind of like to put our own spin on covers though, so it keeps things interesting for everyone. I love what Mile of Music has done for the music scene and how the original music scene has bloomed lately. I hope the “August Energy” of MoM will continue to bleed into the rest of the year around here.

JD: Your group has reformed after taking a hiatus in 2007. Can you share more about that journey?

GW: This is something we have been asked about a lot of times and have heard a lot of interesting rumors on. For about seven years we took a break from CWB. This was pretty much all on me. We were all working really hard at the time (back in ‘07). We were touring and doing some pretty cool things, but I started to lose some of the passion and feel for the music. There was so much on our plate at the time. We were our own manger, booking agent, marketing guy, etc. I was frustrated, and had to get away for a bit. The guys were definitely disappointed but incredibly understanding. That has always been one of the coolest things about this band. Through thick and thin, we have all had each others’ back. We all remained very close throughout the hiatus and are extremely excited to be playing together again.

JD: What are your band’s goals for the future?

GW: This is a tough one, as I feel like we would all answer this a little bit differently. I feel extremely blessed that people are actually interested in the music we play – especially considering we have been doing it for more than twenty years. If the band played its last show tomorrow, I would be disappointed, but content. Music has allowed us to travel to so many places, meet so many people, and do so many things we may have never done without it. Although we don’t tour or play as much anymore, I don’t think any of us are ready to hang it up yet. 

To learn more about all the latest CWB happenings, check out the band’s website and Facebook page (

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