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BY Jean Detjen

Attention, Humanoids… The Universe is calling… Pay attention to this important message: Make the time to get to know The Quiet Time!
Being quiet isn’t always easy. When practiced with mindfulness, however, silence allows you to be in the moment, present and open to both the inner and outer environment. Surrounded by the sounds and presence of The Quiet Time, you can’t help but light up with positive energy while taking in the musical gifts offered.

The Quiet Time is a Milwaukee alternative rock trio featuring Jordin Baas (vocals/guitar/synth), John Doyle (drums/percussion) and JR Hendrickson (bass). The band formed in 2013, deriving from influences of punk to indie, blues and synth rock. Originally conceived as a two-piece, the group has added JR to expand on their sound.

This impressive group of accomplished musicians has roots in the Fox Cities region where they have nurtured a loyal and growing following. During a recent visit, I had a chance to ask the band’s co-creators some questions about their artistic collaboration and where the mighty trifecta is headed.

Jean: How did your trio get together?

John D: The trio got together after we took a break as a band for the summer and then when we found time to do it again we realized a bass player was needed to fill out the sound. I  knew JR had played bass since high school and was moving to Milwaukee, I knew it would be a great fit. 

Jean: I’ve heard you say you’re group’s not really all that quiet. So how did you come up with your band name?

Jordin: “The Quiet Time” to me means the time you take to yourself to relax, collect, and meditate. It’s like the yin to the yang of the loud time creating music.


Jean: What are you doing differently compared with your solo work?

Jordin: Playing with this group allows me to improvise a lot more. As opposed to acoustic guitar, with The Quiet Time I play electric guitar and synthesizer. Having a drummer and bass player allows me to make some stuff up on the spot with more freedom. Playing with The Quiet Time also gives the show a high energy, upbeat feel. It’s fun. 

Jean: What are your perceptions of the local music scene and how it’s changed over the years?

Jordin: I think up in the Fox Valley, Mile of Music has really helped influence the music scene. Venues and locals are really cool about supporting live, original music. The reason I moved to Milwaukee from Oshkosh a while back was to find a more active music scene. Ironically, things have changed in the Fox Valley since then. I think the scene is thriving now and I love coming up to visit and play here regularly.   

Jean: How would you describe your writing style/methods/practice patterns?

Jordin: Writing is different every time. I usually record clips of things I come up with throughout the day and then listen back, if anything sticks out I work on it and bring to the guys. Sometimes we pick a key and jam on that and sometimes it becomes something. Other times, there will be an idea or concept (Humanoids) that we want to convey and we’ll spend more time on the lyrics at first. Usually, it is instrumental, chords, melody first.

Jean: What are some of your favorite Wisconsin performance venues?

Jordin: For me, anything outdoors. Festivals and stuff that are outside are fun to play. Indoors, I really liked the High Noon Saloon in Madison, Cooper Rock in Appleton has a great stage and it sounds amazing in there. My top place by far in Wisconsin is Linneman’s Riverwest Inn (Milwaukee). Jim Linneman is an incredible sound engineer and really knows his stuff. Every time I’ve played there he’s made it sound great. He really cares about the music. 

John D: Yield Bar in Milwaukee, The Frequency in Madison. 

Jean: Tell me something your fans may not already know about you.

Jordin: We may or may not be from this planet.


Jean: What is the funniest/craziest shared memory you have as a band?

Jordin: One time JD and I drove to Chicago to play our first show as a band. We were so poor at the time, we had about $14 between the two of us. Somehow we made it there and played the show. However, during the night the door man had snuck out and we ended up not getting paid. By that time of the night we had spent the $14 on gas and food so we literally had 86 cents left. By some miracle, we made it back to Milwaukee. That was quite the adventure, but it goes to show that you don’t need money to do the things you want to do. The Universe will see you through. 

Jean: Goals for the future?

Jordin: We are working on a full length album and hope to release it within the next year. We also plan to start touring before 2015 is over. 

Jean: Any muses or forces of inspiration of note?

Jordin: Live concerts inspire me so much. Every time I see a band play, I am inspired to go home and write something. 

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