Farm Girl Saison

FarmGirl_BeerLift Bridge Brewing Company, 1900 Tower Drive West, Stillwater, Minnesota

BY Steve Lonsway

As the Mile of Music 3 slowly fades, all who participated are left with many fond memories of another successful year.  The Stone Arch Brew crew is also left with the deepest of gratitude for all the support our brand received during this epic event.  And thanks to the band Ruben, we were also left with several 16 ounce cans of Farm Girl, a Saison brewed by Lift Bridge Brewing Company out of Stillwater, Minnesota.  Unfortunately this beer isn’t yet available  in our market, but we thought the gesture itself was worth the story.  Besides, The Twin Cities is only a short, beautiful drive away.

The Stone Arch team invited a few of our spouses into this tasting circle and their feedback on the beer was also recorded and used in these findings.

We poured the beers cold into standard pint glasses for all of us to enjoy.  The hazy gold color reminded some of lemonade.  It was effervescent, and produced a nice thick, dense foam head which added to its appearance.  As we brought this libation to our collective noses the following terms were used to describe the sweet aromas that were released;  floral, lemony, pleasant citrus, fresh hay, yeasty, and orange peel which was an ingredient used in the brewing process.  A sharp Belgian yeast scent was quite prominent and very enticing.  All in all, quite pleasing and true to style.

The flavors discovered were abundant.  Spicy with hints of clove, allspice, cinnamon and orange all balanced very well with what is perceived as a light bodied malt profile.  Its crisp invasion on the tongue left a bit of a chalky note that gives way to more orange peel and obvious Belgian yeast flavors that round out perfectly.  The finish is very clean, candy-sweet and leaves a bit of acidity on the palate. 

This beer would pair very nicely with a cold, crisp summer salad or a freshly grilled slab of Mahi Mahi.  We see this beer as a really good fit to any and all of summers activities from a relaxing paddle downstream to enjoyment around a crackling camp fire.  Its 5.8% is nothing to shake a stick at either so as always, enjoy in moderation.  When pairing this beer to music, pop in a disc of the band Ruben, set the volume at around 70% and enjoy the audio and flavor invasion, you won’t regret it!

Onto the Lift Bridge Brewery.  Located about 25 minutes east of the Twin Cities this brewery and tap room is far away from the bustling city life we all know.  With hours of visit primarily evenings and weekend days, a simple call ahead to their toll free number of (888) 430-2337 is recommended.  Quite often your visit will be met with a freshly tapped firkin of real ale pulled through a traditional beer engine, which in our eyes is as natural as it gets.

FINAL WORD: A great brew as the autumn sets in upon us.

For those who enjoyed our last article showcasing Surlys Overrated, Stone Cellar Brewpub will be featuring a Surly Beer Dinner on October 1st. We will host this four course dinner paired with fine Surly beers at our event space located at 1101 S. Oneida St. Stone Cellar at Riverview Gardens.  The event is by reservation only by calling (920) 997-3332.  Cost is $45 per person. Prosit!

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