Dungeon Travelers 2


BY James Page

Developer: Atlus
ESRB: Mature
Release Date: 08/18/2015
System: PlayStation Vita
Graphics: 3.0 out of 4.0
Game Play: 3.0 out of 4.0
Personal: 1.0 out of 2.0
Total Score: 7.0 out of 10.0Player’s Page: Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal

In a time long ago mankind was plagued by hoards of evil monsters which brought death and destruction to everything in their path. The monsters marched under the banner of the evil Demon God and carried out her vile will for generations. The forces of mankind waged a fruitless battle against the Demon God’s evil legions for countless generations, but they were unable to gain any ground and fought a defensive battle.

The monsters had many devastating powers, but they had a special ability which was too much for mankind to overcome. Despite the strength and skill of mankind’s best warriors the monsters could not be killed; although they could be defeated, the monsters would eventually re-spawn and continue the fight.

Over time, mankind developed specific classes of warriors to battle the monsters; fearsome knights, powerful magicians, crafty thieves, and mysterious maids would all battle against the endless forces of the Demon God. Each new class was able to bring new powers in the fight against the monsters, but none were able to turn the tide of the war. That is until the royal alchemist developed a new power, and taught it to a special class of warriors. The new warriors were called Libras, and they had the power to seal monsters into special books and permanently remove them from the battle.

With the new class of warrior, mankind was able to slowly turn the tide against the Demon God and her monsters until the day she too was eventually sealed away, and peace was brought to the world.

Mankind enjoyed many years of peace and prosperity, but all good things must come to an end. An evil wind is blowing and with it new monster are appearing and wreaking havoc. In addition to the normal monsters which were a petty annoyance, new mutations are appearing and posing a great risk to everyone. It is now up to a young group of adventurers to stem this vile uprising before it leads to a level of evil mankind has not seen ages.

Dungeon Travelers 2 is an interesting role-playing game from Atlus which places the player in command of a group of adventures tasked with investigating mysterious monster outbreaks. The adventurers will travel to different locations via a world map to unravel the cause of each monster outbreak and put an end to the ferocious monsters.

At its core, the game focuses on turn based combat and dungeon exploration, but from an outward glance the game can be subject to some severe scrutiny and criticism. Some of the criticism is valid, but if one focuses too much on the quick negative glances it will prevent one from playing a surprisingly fun game.

The basic format of Dungeon Travelers 2 bears a resemblance to several titles of Atlus’s Etrian Odyssey series, but the capabilities of the PlayStation Vita allow for a graphically superior experience.

The player will form a party of unique adventurers discovered throughout the course of the game. Each adventurer has a specific class and abilities, but they can eventually switch classes to suit the needs of the player. The player will take their adventurers to various themed dungeons which are explored from a first person perspective, and are full of random monster encounters. Each battle is a turn based first person experience in which the player and enemies trade back and forth blows until one side is defeated. All defeated monsters are collected by a passive Libra character and can be turned into ‘sealbooks’ which can give characters special stat boosts and passive abilities.

The criticism against Dungeon Travelers 2 comes up when looking at the game’s subject matter and presentation. Dungeon Travelers 2 is considered a fan service game and focuses its marketing primarily towards a single audience; in this case it is a male audience. Fan service games often use sexuality and innuendo as a plot device and art style. In the case of Dungeon Travelers 2, all the playable characters and monsters are women, sexual tension is prevalent between the main characters, and the player is often “rewarded” with suggestive images.

Fan service games have become more prevalent in the United States over the past handful of years, and as a result it is even more important that cautious parents brush up on the type of games their kids may want to purchase. The flashy outward appearance of many fan service games is sometime meant to cover up the shortcomings of the games, yet many are well built games with a decent storyline.

Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal, despite the fan service nature of the game; offers a solid game play experience. Although, the mechanics may be a bit repetitive, the variety of enemies and dungeon design manage to maintain interest in the game. If one can look past the painfully obvious marketing ploys of the game they will be rewarded with a fun game which will consume much of one’s day.

To learn more about the potentially questionable content of any game, please visit the official website of the Entertainment Software Rating Board at before making any purchase.

Remember, like all games if you play them just to have fun there will never be a bad game.

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