Eminence Rocks!

Although 2015 isn’t completely over yet it turned out to be the year of Eminence. The previous statement may not hold true in everyone’s eyes. To those that follow the new up and coming rock band it surely seemed that way.

If you don’t yet know who they are, you will. Here’s a quick description. A rock band compiled of all teenage females: Alex (Bass), Caitlin (Drums), Colleen (Lead vocals), Kenxi (Lead Guitar), and Molly (Rhythm Guitar). People say, “All female rock band.” They say, “Yes and no.”

They are a rock band that happens to be all female. Being female is their niche, but playing great rock music is what they do.

What makes 2015 their year? Well, they accomplished some great things this year. It all started with the idea to enter a Wisconsin state wide teenage garage band competition called Launchpad. This competition is not an easy task. You have to apply, and hope to get chosen just to compete. If you are chosen you then compete in regionals. If you’re lucky enough to be top three in regionals then you compete at the finals in Madison, Wisconsin.

Eminence did just that and they were fortunate and talented enough to win the whole thing. This award is a pretty big deal, come on it’s called the Les Paul Launchpad Award. Yes, that Les Paul, the “Wizard of Waukesha!”

This award meant that Eminence proved they were the best teenage garage band in the state of Wisconsin. With this title came great opportunities. They were able to play Summerfest twice, play at the Les Paul Birthday celebration, multiple festivals, open for national acts, be part of great fund raisers, and probably their favorite…have a personal meet and greet with Halestorm. The opportunities just keep coming for this great band.

And the fan base has just kept growing and growing. This may not seem like a lot to some people. Keep this in mind, they have only been together for less than a year and they are all still in school.

These accomplishments and opportunities didn’t come without hard work or a great support system. One of the best things a young band can have is an unrelenting support system. The families of these lovely ladies are just that. The families go to every show, rearrange schedules, drive everywhere, get no sleep, spend tons of money and everything else it takes to support the dream of five young women wanting to be rock stars. The families do it because they see the hard work and dedication put in. They see the toll of school, extracurriculars, jobs, learning new songs, and just being a teenager takes on the young ladies. Don’t think for a second that these musicians don’t put in the time and hard work, because they do. It’s because each one of them loves it, and want to be a positive influence to other aspiring artists.

Impressing you with their music is always a goal. For these young women who, by the way, crush good grades and participate in extracurricular activities at school, want to motivate other young people just as much.

Of course they take pride in being a great rock band, but they also take pride in being great role models.

After every show you can see them taking tons of pictures with fans and signing every autograph with genuine smiles. They love what they do and stand for while remaining humble. The lovely ladies of Eminence realize that every fan they gain is another reason to work harder. Fans make great rock bands, period. And Eminence absolutely knows this.

They always stress the fact that, “You can accomplish whatever you want to,” and “don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.”

Great music performed by great individuals, now that is a combination the industry needs. If you get a chance check them out live or at pretty much any social media at EminenceRocks. You won’t be disappointed!

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