Liberty Cafe is on Its Way Back in Shop Reopening Under New Management in Early November

libertycafeBY Patrick Mares

Many patrons thought Liberty Cafe, on 228 N. Adams in Green Bay was gone for good. But the former owners Linda and Alex Galt told us the cafe wasn’t a casualty of business, but their busy schedules. And they’ve chosen to pass the banner down to an old acquaintance.

Who is that man? Cory Nicklaus: a former manager at Kavarna Coffee shop. When Cory realized Liberty was closing, he didn’t hesitate.

“I contacted them the same day,” Cory said “when they posted it on Facebook. The layout reminds me of a big city corner coffee shop like you’d see in Milwaukee or Chicago. It’s not a big space by any means, but customers can hold their business meetings here, or meet and study. I’m already planning to invite local artists to show their work and once in a while, maybe I’ll feature an acoustic guitar player.”

It wasn’t always an easy road for Cory told us about a sandwich they will highlight on the menu, called the Kimberly, after his partner’s sister.

15 years ago, Cory realized his dream of opening a coffee shop while working at Kavarna where Kimberly had been one of his biggest supporters. Sadly, she developed cancer, passing away before her time.

“I wanted to name a sandwich after her because she was all excited about me starting a coffee shop some day,” Cory said “she’d probably be really proud.”

There’s a big pair of shoes that come with the property, but Cory has the experience, both as a manager and in the cafe business. And he has help from a pair of Green Bay’s most distinguished coffee shop owners. Here’s hoping that the new Liberty Cafe can be everything the old shop was, and more!

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