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Rush Limbaugh You’re Breaking My Heart


BY ROHN W. BISHOP Mega dittos Rush! Long time listener first time writer! I grew up listening to you on the EIB network, started listening when I was about 13. During study hall at school I would read your books, ‘The Way Things Ought to Be,’ and ‘See, I Told You So,’ a decision that got me strange looks from ... Read More »

“Lucked Out”


BY Dobie Maxwell People ask me quite frequently - really, they do - if ‘Mr. Lucky’ is a made up gimmick I came up with for the stage. Ha! Don’t I wish? It’s a joke. I know everyone has things go haywire in life from time to time, but for reasons I have never been able to decipher I have ... Read More »

UW Oshkosh Theatre presents “These Shining Lives”


“These Shining Lives,” is a play based on the true story of four women who worked at factory painting watches with a radium compound. The play focuses on Catherine Donohue who explains the play “begins like a fairy tale, even though it isn’t one,” and “ends like a tragedy, even though it isn’t one.” The director of the play, Merlaine ... Read More »

The Pope Mystifies Mr. Jones


BY Tony Palmeri Pope Francis’ late September whirlwind tour of the United States put him in the Papal Rock Star category that had been the exclusive domain of Pope John Paul II. Corporate media, conditioned to think of Popes as merely Presidents in groovy outfits, seemed ill equipped to handle Francis’ Jesus-like musings. Surely the media knew what was coming; ... Read More »

Wisconsin’s Vanishing Barns


BY Lori Palmeri A nostalgic pastime this fall might be a road trip along Wisconsin’s rustic highways. Punctuating the pastoral skyline, iconic Wisconsin gambrel roofs on red and white barns, beacons of the distant past, set the stage for picturesque Wisconsin rurality. These barns illustrate a cultural heritage of agriculture in the state, symbolizing dedication and hard work of farmers ... Read More »

Marlin McKay’s “The Look” Deserves a Listen


BY George Halas Marlin McKay has performed at three of the last four Fox Jazz Festivals. He has more than earned his growing number of fans in the Fox Cities with his extraordinary playing, whether it be paying homage to a hard bop legend like Horace Silver or presenting his own compositions. McKay has relished in nation and international acclaim, ... Read More »

Canada’s Marianas Trench Dives Deep into U.S. on Fall Tour


BY Jeremy J. Johanski Hey You Guys! is coming through Green Bay. No, that sentence is not missing some pieces. That’s the new U.S. tour name being headlined by Marianas Trench, and it visits Titletown on November 17th. One of Canada’s most popular young pop bands of the past decade is dropping into the U.S. this Fall on a tour ... Read More »

Ken Skitch. “Kenny.”


By George Halas There are a number of very good reasons why you might recognize the name, despite the fact that he is a very humble, self-described “utility man” who deliberately avoids the spotlight. Perhaps you know him as the co-leader and trombonist for The Big Band Reunion, the 18-piece jazz big band now in its 24th year, and playing ... Read More »

Blue Whisper Makes a Strong, Uplifting Statement


BY George Halas One of the most pleasant surprises and highlights of the 2011 Fox Jazz Festival was the appearance of The Amina Figarova Sextet. The ensemble’s stellar performance, showcasing her soaring compositions and piano virtuosity, earned them a growing legion of fans in the Fox Cities. Her latest release, “Blue Whisper,” arguably the best in a series of consistently ... Read More »

Testa Rosa III (Atomic Records)


BY Blaine Schultz Some bands take a while to develop a sound and grow into their skin. Milwaukee’s Testa Rosa seems to have been birthed fully formed, and hit the ground running. Since their 2007 debut they have mined a sound richly textured, drawing as much from well-produced classic studio albums as high energy Punk/New Wave singles. Testa Rosa’s new ... Read More »

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