Rush Limbaugh You’re Breaking My Heart

Rush_Limbaugh_highresBY ROHN W. BISHOP

Mega dittos Rush! Long time listener first time writer!

I grew up listening to you on the EIB network, started listening when I was about 13. During study hall at school I would read your books, ‘The Way Things Ought to Be,’ and ‘See, I Told You So,’ a decision that got me strange looks from my teachers. I own a couple of Paul Shanklin’s parody CD’s, used to subscribe to the “Limbaugh Letter,” loved your tie collection, stayed up late to watch “Rush the Television Show,” rooted for you to become a commentator on ABC’s “ Monday Night Football,” and defended your comments about Donavan McNabb. I was irate with the NFL when they wouldn’t allow you to buy the St. Louis Rams. I listened to you all through your hearing loss, and stint at rehab. I laughed at the “Club GITMO” collection, enjoy the Mannheim Steamroller music at Christmas, and I refer to politicos with your on-air nicknames. Great names like ‘Chuck U. Schumer’ or ‘F. Chuck Todd.’ I own your “Rush Revere” books so that my kids can learn American Story, and I buy my mother in-law Rush Revere Tea for Christmas.

I thought it was cool when you took on fellow cheese-head Mark Belling to be a guest host, and I took personal pride when you started to talk up my Governor, Scott Walker. A guy whom I worked hard for during three campaigns in four years, and your show helped to propel him to the top of the GOP Presidential polls as you heaped praise on him almost daily. You went so far as to say, “And you know me, folks, if you have spent any time listening to this program in the last two years, you know that I believe Scott Walker is the blueprint for the Republican Party if they are serious about beating the left.  Scott Walker has shown how to do it.”

This was happening simultaneously as you increased your criticism of the “Republican Establishment,” a group of unnamed Washington D.C. based “RINO’s,” for not being conservative enough, for not fighting back hard enough. While it bothered me you were harder on the Republican Establishment than the liberals like Obama who are implementing that agenda, it was okay, because Scott Walker was going to come riding in on his white horse to the White House. Scott Walker was going to do in Washington what he did here in Wisconsin, and thanks to the EIB Network, conservative voters would know all about him. I thought his nomination looked likely.

Then something changed. In June Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the White House; declared he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, and just like that, you cut Walker off at the knees as you turned your show into the “Trump Show”! All Trump all the time!

Now, I understand why you love that Trump tells off people that you despise, which is why you defended Trump’s awful remarks about John McCain not being a war hero because he was a POW, or when Trump gave out Lindsay “Grahamnesty’s” cell phone number- you howled with joy.

But all of sudden, your demands for a conservative candidate were dropped as your infatuation with Donald Trump grew larger. You don’t seem to care that Trump has been pro-choice, has opposed the Iraq War, called for a 14.25 percent tax on the rich, supports National Health Insurance, and supported a ban on assault weapons. The same Trump who donated to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The same Trump who voted for Barack Obama!

None of that seems to matter, as you have become so enamored with Trump’s immigration proposal to build a wall and deport 5 million people! All other conservative principals be damned!

You went all in for your golfing buddy!

The day after Carly Fiorina landed a punch on Trump at the debate, you claimed Fiorina, who has never been in elective office, was the establishment’s candidate to stop Trump. When Megyn Kelly asked Trump a tough direct question, you criticized her and FOX NEWS for ‘being part of the establishment,’ who are trying to show Democrats that they can be fair and balanced.

The day after Walker dropped out of the race you took a call from “Barb from Cedarburg, Wisconsin.” She called you out for the way you cut Walker off in support of Trump. You dodged the question before throwing the Republican Party under the bus, claiming the “Republican Establishment,” never helped Walker in his recall.

That’s just not true!

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is from Kenosha, Wisconsin and is the former head of the Wisconsin GOP. He was here during the recall and worked hard to help save Scott Walker. Sadly it was you, Rush Limbaugh, who wasn’t here to help Walker, and then worse yet, later it would be you who referred to Walker as a “me-too” to Trump.

Scott Walker would have made an excellent president. He would have been the most conservative president since Calvin Coolidge, but it will not be, thanks in large part to your show.

The irony is that as the GOP looks for a candidate to stop Trump, it’s more likely now that the nominee will be the one guy you really don’t want it to be, Jeb Bush.

You love to remind your listeners that when establishment Republicans hear “conservative” they think of the 1964 Goldwater landslide defeat, and forget about the 1980 Reagan landslide victory. Well, I know of both elections, and Trump is likely to have the electoral success of Goldwater without the advancement of conservative principles that Goldwater brought to the GOP.

Like you said Rush, if the Republican party is serious about beating the left, Scott Walker has shown us how to do it. Listening to you cut Walker loose in favor of Trump, makes me question how serious I should take you.

Rohn W. Bishop is a monthly contributor to The Scene. Bishop is a former member of the Waupun City Council and currently serves at Treasurer for the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County.
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  1. You are full of it. El Rushbo is not all-in for Trump or any other candidate. According to Establishment conservatives, as Mark Levin has pointed out, if you aren’t smearing and bashing Trump, you’re all-in for him. Neither Rush nor Levin have backed or endorsed any candidate. They just aren’t smearing and bashing Trump the way other conservative “voices” are. Shame on you for being so dishonest and deceitful.

  2. Kristen McFarland

    To be honest, I don’t believe that Rush endorses anyone until they’re actually your premise is flawed and erroneous. He expressed admiration for the manner in which Scott Walker addressed his opponents but he certainly didn’t cut him off at the knees. I, too was saddened by the way Scott Walker couldn’t seem to get his presidential campaign off the ground but it isn’t Rush Limbaugh’s fault. The right set of circumstances never seemed to present themselves and the same thing happened to Rick Perry. Both were very good potential nominees; they just couldn’t kick their campaigns off in a more positive way. They just never lighted a sufficient number of fires to take off. I’m sorry too; I really liked both of them. But don’t despair, the Republican Party has many future prospects waiting in the wings to save this country from Democrats.

  3. In Rush’s mind you can be an ultra-conservative on virtually every issue but if you oppose rounding up every suspected illegal alien and herding them into boxcars and shipping them over the southern border after requiring them to build a thousand mile wall… you are now a RINO!

  4. The sad truth is, and you know it, Walker just wasn’t ready for prime time yet. His mistakes were rookie mistakes and his rookie status showed he didn’t know how to recover from them. Walker collapsed by himself, no one else to blame for it. If you have been following him since, he is now spending a lot more time PRing back in WI, that he hadn’t done in months. If you watched his twitter feeds it was as if he flipped the presidential switch to off and flipped the Hi I’m Governor switch back to on. It is that stark a contrast. Walker running was a good learning experience for him. He got his feet wet and hopefully learned from it for future use. I wouldn’t be surprised at a Walker in the second slot, but prime time first slot, not yet, he needs to groom more.

  5. I totally agree with what You’ve written. I just don’t get it.

  6. Not Chicken Little

    The author seems to think that Rush can just command his followers to do any dam’ thing he wants them to do. Sorry, we think for ourselves. Rush just happens to mirror what we think quite often and in a very articulate and entertaining and insightful way. The fault lies not in Rush and what he may or may not have said – the fault lies with Walker himself, who, though he is a good man and has the right principles, just does not have what the country now needs, in the considered judgement of many.

    We on the right do not choose candidates or leaders based on the cult of personality like the left. I think most now believe that no traditional, “professional” career politician is going to get us out of the mess that that very class has created.

  7. The author said:

    “You don’t seem to care that Trump has been pro-choice, has opposed the Iraq War, called for a 14.25 percent tax on the rich, supports National Health Insurance, and supported a ban on assault weapons”,

    We consider those issues to be trifling and insignificant. How smart is it to argue about where to hang the pictures while the house is on fire. Unless we seal the border and deport the illegals, we won’t have a country to argue about.

  8. I think Rush is going to come out for Ted Cruz, and if he does I agree with him! I know Scott Walker is a good guy, I just didn’t think he was the man for the job this time around, maybe Rush agreed with that! Trump is a thumb to the nose, directed primarily at the GOPe and I don’t think he will win, or that Rush will back him unless he is the last man standing!

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