Double Bubble

By George Halas

There are scientific studies that indicate that those two words generate Pavlovian smiles on the faces of many in Wisco.

Loyal Inquisitors may recall that we have added a new dimension to that term, building on the notion that buying local in terms of holiday shopping is a very good thing for all concerned.

How it works: the local shopper goes to a local venue that presents local bands and artists playing local original music and buys one of the band’s CD’s as a gift for that special person on the holiday giving list.

That process supports local venues and local musicians. It’s a lot more fun than elbowing one’s way through the cluster fork at the big box retailers in quest of the latest from China.

In the spirit of service, The Inquisition presents decision support information that will assist in making the best buying choices. In another double bubble, links are provided to SCENE reviews of what The Inquisition purports to be some of the best new music of 2015.

It’s not only The Inquisition that likes the debut album of The Traveling Suitcase. Marc Golde, owner of Rock Garden Studios and producer of some of the best original music in the Fox Cities, has said that “Nobody Wins,” is his favorite release of the year.

While the Suitcase is on hiatus while Nick Rae explores a solo career, you can pick up a copy of the CD at The Exclusive Company.

Hilary Reynolds is the proverbial triple-double: superb singer, outstanding multi-instrumentalist and composer of great songs that are at once unique and accessible. Her music weaves a number of styles into a most enjoyable record.

The Dead Horses have a intensely loyal and growing following, and “Space and Time,” is an excellent example of addition by subtraction.

MyDesireCoverArtJamie Lynn Fletcher’s “My Desire of You,” has already attracted international attention and it’s very easy to see why once you’ve heard this superb CD. If you go to her website and listen to one of her free downloads, you’ll almost certainly find yourself hurrying to her next gig. Marc Golde produced this gem.

Kyle Megna and The Monsoons have a couple of very good CD’s but fans will insist they sound even better live. Featuring the newly added saxophonist Ross Catterton and drummer Michael Underwood, “Dark Funk,” successfully captures the live vibe in the studio.

To enhance its credibility, The Inquisition has summoned esteemed colleague Jean Detjen for a couple of her recommendations. Her review of “Songs By a Human and A Tree” by Jordin Baas notes that fans are “blown away,” by the songs and the live performances and has “artistic depth that matures with each phase of the moon.”

Detjen also recommends “In Through The Red Door,” by Leading The Blind, another Golde production. LTB is a band that sizzles live.

Speaking of the fabulous Detjen, The Inquisition highly recommends a trip to the SCENE archives online ( to check out her “Foxy Finds,” and “Artful Living,” pieces where you can find the 411 on the coolest gifts and the equally fabulous local retailers who sell them.

boxkar-5-jewelVeteran rockers Boxkar have a lot of loyal fans and a number of individual and band WAMI Awards and nominations to their credit, earned by consistently delivering great live performances that get better every time out. Their most recent release, “Number Five,” confirms that their original music is getting even better as well. This puppy cranks up the party but it is not recommended as a meditation or sleep aid.

Anybody on your list like fun? If they have a pulse, they will appreciate “Songs of Eternal Promise and Immediate Satisfaction,” by WiFEE and The HUzZBAND. One of the songs from the album, “She Won’t Go,” has been nominated to be crowned as “Coolest Song of The Year 2015,” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show.  “She Won’t Go,” debuted as the “Coolest Song in the World,” the week of July 11th and remained in heavy rotation through the end of September.

To win the title of “Coolest Song of The Year 2015,” beginning on Black Friday (November 27th) and continuing until Sunday, December 27th, fans will be able to vote for “She Won’t Go,” once a day at; fans over 21 can also enter for the chance to win a trip to the The Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. First place prize will receive: round-trip airfare for two, a four-night stay including food and beverage and $500 in resort credits. The “Coolest Song of 2015,” winner will be announced on New Year’s Day during Kid Leo’s “Year End Review of 2015,” show on Sirius/XM where he will play all 50 of the “Coolest Songs,” of 2015. One can vote for the “Coolest Song of The Year,” once every 24 hours, but you can enter the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun contest as many times as you like.

The band is also poised to release a new Christmas song, “Everywhere It’s Christmas Time Again.” Long-time band fan Little Steven is considering adding the song for special holiday airplay on his show, which airs on weekly the Sirius/XM. It will be available on 45 rpm vinyl and CD with cover art by nationally known hot rod artist Doug P’gosh. In conjunction with the release of the record and one-of-a-kind artwork, the band will be offering limited edition signed and numbered posters of the cover for sale, along with T-shirts, and stickers. Visit their website, to find out more information.

These are just a few of the many original releases of 2015. The Mile of Music has shown that the Fox Cities are rich in superb local bands making all kinds of incredible original music. Once the candy canes, the boxes of chocolates and the fruit cakes are gone, they’re gone – CD’s are gifts that keep on giving and make you very popular with friends, family, co-workers and the unknowns in your Secret Santa lottery. The money stays in the local economy instead of going to the record dudes in New York or L.A. or, gasp, China. You can enjoy a refreshing beverage and/or some tasty chow whilst doing your shopping. It is fair to say that The Inquisition’s version of double bubble is a win-win-win situation.

So maybe it’s actually a triple bubble….

SCENE makes it even easier to triple your bubble by publishing a comprehensive calendar in each edition that lets you, The Loyal Inquisitor, know where and when these local bands are playing. Most of the venues have websites with music schedules as well.
The Inquisition and SCENE once again have offered ways to make your holiday shopping easy and enjoyable as well as beneficial to the local economy, No need to thank us – pay it forward.

Happy Holidays!

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