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Main Stage Schedule: 2016 OMNOVA Main Stage
Ready to see some great science?

OMNOVA Solutions Main Stage Line Up 2016:
9:45 am Professor Gizmo
10:30 am Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
11:15 am Mr. Billy Science Music
12:45 pm Professor Gizmo
1:45 pm Wisconsin Public Service: Natural Gas Safety & You
2:30 pm Ameriprise Science Fair Awards
2:45 pm Fox Valley Herb Club

scienceBy Patrick Mares

The Einstein Science Expo is scheduled for the second Saturday in January 9 am to 4 pm at Shopko Hall. What is it you ask? It’s the event for local students to show off their stuff in an annual science fair. It’s also a show, featuring over 120 booths from local organizations, incorporating lessons in science, engineering, technology and math. Better yet, professional entertainers will be performing on the main stage all day long, for those who want to catch a show.

Einstein’s April Pingel told us there are over 5,000 guests who come through the door on any given day of the Expo. This includes local students who are competing this year for a scholarship of the Mind Trekkers camp at Michigan Tech. While this will only be available for entrants in sixth to eighth grade, the younger entrants can still compete in best in show, and use the contest to hone their skills for later rounds.

In the past, they’ve had more than 300 projects, and the winner isn’t necessarily only one child. Small groups of 3-6 are allowed, while for younger participant projects, entire classrooms often compete, with the size of the group and adult aid factored into the prize awarded.

Georgia Pacific: They typically teach paper crafting, and learning the art of paper making.

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and Fox Valley Herb Club: They often times will bring dead animals with them to the show specific parts of the animals. The club helps with recovery of animals, and release some back into the wild. They bring live animals too, and are on the main stage showing them while encouraging kids to interact with them. The Fox Valley Herb Club does that as well.

Spaceport Sheboygan: They are a local museum in Sheboygan who works with the NASA space program exhibiting things like astronaut nutrition, and space travel sleeping bags and pillows.

Children’s Museum of Green Bay: This year they will teach kids about parachutes and flowing objects.

The Neville Public Museum Geology Club: The topic will be the differences of several minerals and rocks.

Sanimax: They will demonstrate sun catchers and display the power of recycled material.

Bellin College Nursing School: X-ray machines and exploring different bone types will be featured. Bellin brings their medical equipment to measure the heartbeat, and blood pressure.

The Bayport Chemistry Club: Working in conjunction with FOTH Technology Engineering they bring in all kinds of neat experiments.
Fox 11 News : One of the big hits is Fox 11 News which often comes with their green screen and you’re able interact and pretend you’re a newsperson or meteorologist.

Main Stage: The main stage features a revolving set of performers on a number of STEM topics. Professor Gizmo, a returning favorite, has fun with chemistry and physics. Mr. Billy, a performer at local libraries is booked to run through a number of songs about math, engineering and technology.

WPS, as one of the show’s major contributors, has their own presentation on natural gas. While that might not sound like the most riveting of topics, they promise to keep it interesting by lighting things on fire and showing off danger points, for a rather enthralling safety demonstration.

After the performers are finished, awards will be handed out.

Pingel reminds participants that if the Packers have a home playoff game at the same time as the Expo, the Expo will be moved back to Sunday.

This isn’t just an event for the kids. The more people who check it out, the more encouraging it is for the little scientists.

“It’s for all ages,” Pingel said. “You’d be surprised at how many parents and grandparents and community members do come and get involved, and touch live snakes and interact, and make paper and feel the goo in their hands, and make silly putty and ice cream. These are all the different things they will have the opportunity to explore, and any age can enjoy that.”

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