Bringing the Garden Indoors

indoor-gardening-3BY Rob Zimmer

With the outdoor gardening season coming to an end, there are many great ways you can enjoy your gardening hobby indoors all through winter.

Here are some great ways to keep your hands in the “dirt” all winter long, even in the comfort of your own home.

Growing orchids
Orchids feature some of the most outstanding and elegant blooms found in the plant world. Fortunately, there are dozens of varieties that you can grow indoors in a variety of light conditions.

Many orchids are tolerant of even low or diffused light, making them great choices for the home or office.

Most are very easy to care for, long-lasting and not as demanding as many people believe.

Starting seeds
Many gardeners dream of starting all of their own seeds from scratch during winter for transplanting outdoors in the spring. Often, we give up on the hobby before we even start.

With a simple investment in growing lights, or an existing sunroom or bright sunny location, you can start growing and raising your own plants this winter. Watch for a special column coming in January dedicated to seed starting indoors.

Overwinter annuals and herbs indoors
Keep your garden plants going strong all winter long, and save money, by bringing many of your annuals, herbs and other plants indoors for the winter season.

indoor-gardening-2Many annuals do exceptionally well indoors if kept in a sunny window and adequately moist. Others may be brought indoors and allowed to go dormant, then replanted outdoors next spring.

Herbs can be potted up and grown in a bright sunny window for fresh harvest all throughout the winter.

Hydroponic gardening
Investing in a hydroponic growing system is an excellent way to expand on your gardening hobby as it is possible to grow new plants from cuttings or seeds easily with even a basic and simple hydroponic growing area.

Hydroponic growing is a soilless gardening method that can be done anywhere in the home with proper lighting.

Once you start, you will find many new ways to enjoy this exciting way of growing garden plants.

Collecting cacti
Cacti and succulents are excellent choices for the indoor garden. Whether you have a sunroom or other bright growing area, or choose to use a growing light system, it’s possible to collect cacti and succulents in a wide variety of forms, shapes and sizes.

Most are actually quite simple to grow and require very little care. They can even be moved outdoors in spring and summer for added interest in the garden.

Gardens under glass
Terrariums, mason jar gardens, even aquarium gardens are becoming quite popular forms of gardening for those with limited outdoor garden space, apartments, or those who simply wish to continue growing indoors during the winter season.

Most garden centers now offer a variety of compact, terrarium sized indoor plants that can be incorporated into these types of gardens, as well as air plants, or Tillandsia, that require no soil whatsoever.

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