“Monkey in the Middle”

Unique Autobiography of Comedian/Radio Personality Features Bad Luck, Bikers and a Childhood Best Friend Who Committed TWO Bank Robberies. No Joke!

Whatever “normal” is, long time nationally touring comedian Dobie Maxwell isn’t it. His life is an amazing story of constant turmoil. Dobie has an incredible talent for being in the proverbial “wrong place at the wrong time”…ALL the time – which is fascinating and funny if it isn’t YOU.

Some people get a rough start in life, but Dobie’s start takes the cake, and then some. Born to a drug-abusing mother and, “Outlaws” motorcycle gang member father in Milwaukee, he was estranged from two siblings and raised by his paternal grandparents from five months old who divorced when he was 11. By the time he finished high school all Dobie had was his best friend.

The two became closer than their actual blood brothers, and were each other’s trusted “go to” surrogate family supporting each other through thick and thin including Dobie’s early years as a standup comedian, local radio personality and pro wrestling promoter. They were inseparable.

Dobie was fired from his radio dream job, and called his friend to arrange a cross country road trip to Las Vegas to cheer them both up. His friend had lost his job as head of security at a local bank, and before their trip he decided to ROB that same bank – and stash the money in the trunk of a rental car they used for their trip. Oddly enough, he never told Dobie until almost a year later.

The FBI suspected his friend, but could never prove it. Dobie was sworn to secrecy because if he talked he would be an unwitting accomplice. Flush with the thrill of getting away with it, his pal robbed the very same bank AGAIN – this time in a Gorilla Gram outfit. Who would possibly rob a bank in such a wacky manner? Why, a comedian of course! The FBI thought that it was Dobie.

Dobie was faced with a horrible choice; turn in his best friend or go to federal prison for a crime he did not commit. Like it or not – and he did not – Dobie became the “Monkey in the Middle.”

“Monkey in the Middle” has everything from heartache to high adventure, to all out hilarity. The publisher is Eckhartz Press ( and the official date of release is Monday March 14th, 2016 – Dobie’s birthday. There will also be a live standup comedy show along with a reading at Zanies Comedy Club at 1548 North Wells Street in Chicago.  

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