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Ross Catterton: The WAMI’S & Beyond


By George Halas In addition to the latest and greatest on fabulous music, artists and venues, the myriad of beneficial services The Inquisition provides includes preparation for one-upmanship. Savvy Inquisitors know that one-upmanship is a vital skill for water coolers, break rooms, family gatherings and anywhere pitchers of beer are served. Historical examples of one-upmanship include phrases like “I saw ... Read More »

The Evolution of Rob Anthony

Photo by Luciano J Bilotti

By Jillian Dawson If you happen to follow Rob Anthony on social media, you have likely seen a handful of old ‘throwback’ photos ripe with quintessential 80’s hair, bleached out down his back with a clean-shaven face. “I started playing electric guitar in the 80’s,” Anthony said “a far cry from where I am now. I learned to play guitar ... Read More »

Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson at the Jensen Theater in Amherst


By Michael Casper Willy Porter is an extraordinary songsmith in the folk / bluesy vein, whose lyrics weave tales you follow as if on a pleasant walk. Native to Milwaukee, he thinks himself a ‘musical carny’ singing his soulful collection on stages around the world, pausing between tunes long enough to tell stories and improvise ditties. He and Carmen Nickerson ... Read More »

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