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Adria Ramos, nominated for a WAMI as Best Strings Player, and critically-acclaimed duo Miss Molly will both release new, all-original albums this month.

The official CD Release Party for Ramos’ “Apollo,” is scheduled for The Source in Menasha on Friday, April 22nd. Pianist Molly Conrad and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Michael Theroux of Miss Molly will join her and other musicians.

Miss Molly will have a CD Release Party for their concept album “Snow,” at The 602 Club in Appleton on Thursday, April 28th. Ramos will join them in house concert format as well as playing a number of her new songs. She also performs at Uncorked in Neenah on April 16th.

Located at 602 North Lawe Street in Appleton, The 602 Club is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the premier venues for house concerts in the Fox Cities.

Ramos, a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, with release “Apollo,” an album of all original songs recorded by WAMI-nominated studio engineer Marc Golde at his WAMI-nominated Rock Garden Studios. The recording includes contributions from such stellar local players as guitarist/vocalist Kip Jones, drummer/percussionist Jonathan Leahy, bassist Jon Wheelock, Kurt Shipe, flugelhorn, and Golde on Hammond B3, vibraphone and bells.

An intern at NASA during college, Ramos notes that “Apollo,” has a number of meanings including being the name of the space program that put men on the moon. Her previous album, “Mercury,” included a song, “Gemini.”

“Apollo is the Greek god of music.  He and his twin sister, Artemis, were archers, healers, and protectors,” she said. “Apollo is also an historic music hall in Harlem.  It persevered in the face of prejudice and shaped the course of music and society, while the space program challenged us as a nation, but it put us on the moon and changed everything. ‘Apollo’ (also the title of the first track) is about hope and determination. The lyrics and imagery of Apollo are really important to me. They stand for something very healing and hopeful.  Just like music.”

The second cut, “April” is “a love song for spring.

“I wrote it on an early morning drive following a cruel joke of a spring snowstorm,” Ramos said “The rising sun was melting the ice on the trees and it glittered like diamonds as it fell to the ground. It felt like the entire world was thawing, like something dark was finally behind us. It was like falling in love again after a long time and remembering what it feels like.”

Co-written with Jones, “Buzz” speaks about a life moving out of control.

“Of time passing by while you wait for something to happen,” she said. “But the song turns around when you realize your own strength and decide to finally take back what is yours.”

Shipe’s playing is a highlight.

“Here Now” is about the power of living in the moment.

“When we stop and breathe, we embrace things that are important and let go of things that don’t matter,” Ramos said. “Living in the moment is not an easy thing to do. Children know how to do it. They don’t carry lists of regrets or worries about the future. They don’t think about their destination because they’re already there. ‘Itch’ is a song about desperately wanting something that you can’t have, but realizing that there is some sort of satisfaction in the longing itself.”

For details about Miss Molly’s album, “Snow,” and the creative process that led to it, please go to: if you don’t have a print copy of the February issue of SCENE.

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