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StoneArch_SessionsBY Steve Lonsway

From the thunderous beat of a drum to the slide of the electric guitar that sends chills down your spine. Or maybe it’s flashing colors from the choreographed stage lighting. Maybe the twang of a five string banjo paired with the magical bow of a fiddle, all played under a star-lit sky near a crackling campfire. Possibly the powerful bass filled thump of a tuba in a sea of horns that captivates the audible sensations in your mind. Or maybe it’s as simple as finding yourself whistling to your daughters’ favorite band…Five Seconds of Summer, a song you may not even like that much.

The point is; music captivates all of us in one way or another. It inspires us, it passes our time, it makes us wonder, it makes us think, it lightens our mood, it gets us through hard times, it helps us celebrate great times. All-in-all, music has been enjoyed from the beginning of time and it seems as though it has picked up speed as it rustles though time. Many people make their living with the sounds they create with their voices or their instrumental abilities. Heck, several of the Stone Arch Brew Team staff has been at one time (or still is) in a band. This is what stands behind Stone Arch Sessions.

Stone Arch Sessions is a concept, a movement, that we created that brings others into our living room to enjoy live music. Okay it’s not literally our living rooms, rather our Tap Room, but we want you to feel as welcomed as if we invited you to our homes to sit on our couch and to listen to the music we enjoy. Of course when you come to our house we’ll offer you a beer, it’s what we do!

To explain further, our live music series that we host every Tuesday night in the Stone Arch Tap Room (or soon on the Beer Garden) is called STONE ARCH SESSIONS. We focus on original music and it is all about enjoying the music, the beer and the surroundings. The motivation in Sessions is for all to enjoy it as you would with music.

Beer pairs with music just as it does with food. Many websites and blogs have evolved bringing this concept to the masses years ago. National Public Radio has done a series on the topic, Men’s Health has run articles about it. The iconic rock band Iron Maiden has teamed up with an English brewery to bring us Trooper Ale. Dogfish Head Brewery has done several music inspired releases including Beer To Drink Music To, an annual release timed with Record Store Day. Well now it’s Stone Arch’s turn…

Sessions was brewed to compliment leisure activities of all kinds. Whether it be paddling downstream in your kayak, snowboarding the snowy slopes, camping in the wild or hanging with some friends around a campfire, enjoy Sessions as you would enjoy your favorite music – early and often.

As you read this article, Stone Arch Sessions, our newest release, is hitting the store shelves and draft beer lines in North East Wisconsin. It is an American Session Pale Ale by style. It will be easily recognizable with a large guitar proudly displayed on the label. Session Ale simply means a little lesser alcohol content to allow a few to be enjoyed in a “session.”

This brew comes in at 4.7% alcohol by volume and is pale gold in color. Great hop complexity is evident from the multiple additions of American hops throughout the brewing process. Citra hops were used for flavor and aroma, and contributes an enjoyable tropical fruitiness that is reminiscent of mango, papaya and pineapple.

The International Bitterness Units come in at 40 which balances beautifully with the Marris Otter English malt base. A bread-like sweetness with a great hop aura all around.

Now let’s talk about Stone Arch Brew House. Stone Arch Brew House is the name for the beers that are made and sold by Stone Cellar Brewpub in Appleton. Why two names you ask? Well, to make a long story short, there is a wine on the market under the name Stone Cellar. The Federal Government seems to think that a beer and wine with similar names would cause confusion in the marketplace. We certainly don’t want that, so Stone Arch it is.

Stone Cellar Brewpub got its start in 2004 when Father/Son team Tom and Steve Lonsway purchased Adler Brau/Appleton Brewing Company. We’re located in a building that was built in 1858 as a brewery, and our foundation is built with stones that were harvested from the High Cliff region many moons ago – hence Stone Cellar. When it comes to brewpubs, we offer it all; full menu, full liquor and wine menu, pub, dining room, meeting/party rooms, Tap Room and Beer Garden (when mother nature allows).

We pride ourselves in starting the locally sourced foods movement here in the Fox Valley and offer the Valley’s first organic salad bar for our lunches. Stop in and give us a try if you have not had the opportunity to do so yet, or revisit, we love it when old friends come back.

FINAL WORD: Stone Arch Sessions….BLISS!


They’re located at 1004 South Olde Oneida Street in Appleton.

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