Tall Ships find Port in Green Bay

DSC_0864Nine ships are coming to the Port of Green Bay this August. Tall ships even. Schooners, Clippers, Galleons and more hearkening back to the golden age of sailing will be making a stop on their tour of the great lakes from August 5 to August 7. The nine ships are floating businesses under the banner of Tall Ships America. When the group tours the great lakes approximately every three years, Green Bay puts out a bid. And since the first Green Bay Tall ships Festival in 2006, they’ve been reliably winning the captains over.

The Green Bay festival states: A tall ship is a large traditionally rigged sailing vessel. Popular modern tall ship rigs include topsail schooners, brigantines, brigs, and barques. Traditional rigging may include square rigs and gaff rigs, with separate topmasts and topsails. It is generally more complex than modern rigging, which utilizes newer materials such as aluminum and steel to construct taller, lightweight masts with fewer, more versatile sails. The term tall ship has come into widespread use in the mid-20th century with the advent of Tall Ships® Races.

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The Draken Harald Hårfagre

The Draken Harald Hårfagre

When and If

When and If

Dennis Sullivan

Dennis Sullivan

The members change from year to year. 2016’s highlights include a Norwegian Longship, Draken Harald Hårfagre (Pronounced Dragon Harold the Hair-Fair), the ever-present Dennis Sullivan, Flagship of Wisconsin, and the When and If, a boat commissioned by the unfortunate General George S. Patton to circumnavigate the globe with his wife, “When the war is over and if I live through it.”

Crew members offer education on everything from building methods to history of the ships, and they don’t just talk the talk. Most members of the crew are brought on board specifically for a “sea education” as part of Tall Ships America’s effort to share maritime history, from navigation and sailing methods to food preparation and maintenance. Interested students can sign on for a few months and experience the life of a different era, though the captains are willing to educate land lubbers just as well.

Other attractions include an 11 ton, six story “world’s largest rubber duck” something that, Terry Charles, from the PMI Entertainment group that arranges the event for Green Bay dubbed, “the most popular selfie of the weekend.” Performers Tom Castle and Abounding Maine will hold court on the docks among maritime vendors and street entertainers. And on Friday, for the first time this year the festival is sponsoring fireworks over the bay, with VIP tickets available to watch from the ships themselves.

For more information and to check out the rest of their ships, feel free to check out their site


  1. I learned a lot about tall ships. Thanks!

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