Third Eye Blind to land at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016

thirdeyeblindBY Jane Spietz

WHAT: Third Eye Blind
WHERE: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016
WHEN: 6 PM Monday, July 25, 2016 after the Air Show
COST: EAA members $28, non-members $43
Presented by the Ford Motor Company

San Francisco’s Third Eye Blind is an alternative rock band that rose to fame in the ‘90s. They continue to tour widely and have an enthusiastic fan base.

Their best known tunes include “Never Let You Go,” “Jumper,” “Semi-Charmed Life,” “How’s It Going to Be,” and “Deep Inside of You.” The band’s first album, Third Eye Blind (1997) went platinum 6 times and their 1999 release Blue hit single platinum. Third Eye Blind’s most current release, Dopamine (2015), reached number 1 on the U.S. Independent Albums chart.

There is word of an EP being released in 2016.

Band members of Third Eye Blind are Stephan Jenkins (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Brad Hargreaves (drums/percussion), Kryz Reid (lead guitar/backing vocals), Alex Kopp (keyboards/piano), and Alex LeCavalier (bass).

They’ll be headlining on opening night at EAA AirVenture 2016 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Monday, July 25.

Recently I connected with Dublin-born lead guitarist Kryz Reid.

Jane Spietz: Hi Kryz. What inspired you to become a musician? I’ve read that Prince was a major influence.

Kryz Reid: THE biggest influence. Actually, the first time I saw Prince on TV I was 10 and became entirely obsessed. I was born in Dublin and grew up in Ireland. Seeing Prince on TV was a rare occurrence. So I saw these glimpses really. My family wasn’t well off, so I would save my pocket money and buy a Prince record whenever I had enough. I was given Purple Rain on cassette for Christmas. When I saw the bit that said “Also available by:” I made a decision to buy every album he’d put out previously. So I was playing catch up. But it was mind blowing material to me, it really was. Still is.

JS:  What was your reaction when you heard of Prince’s death?

KR: When I heard that Bowie died, it hit me in the gut, it really did. When I heard that Prince died, I honestly went numb. For like four days. I didn’t have a reaction; I just couldn’t fathom it at all. Then I just played every album back to back. Took a whole day, and I was sobbing. All those songs, those memories, and what it meant to me growing up. I shook his hand once, at an ‘aftershow’ he did in Dublin. Majesty.

JS: You have named all of your guitars after Star Wars characters from the Dark Side. That is so cool! 

KR: My guitars are like my children to me. My best mate in Dublin used to tell me that the only thing he found odd about me is my connection to inanimate objects. So it’s not odd to me that I’ve given all my guitars names. The fact that they are named after Star Wars characters isn’t surprising really. I grew up obsessed with Prince, Woody Allen, and Star Wars. And Nomiya Maki, but that’s another story. My number one Les Paul is a ‘58 RI R8 that I named BB-8. It’s funny, but everyone on the entire crew knows BB-8 and calls him by name. If we’re going to be in the studio, my tech Joseph will say “You want to bring BB-8?”

JS: The band made quite the headlines recently after Stephan and Brad rescued four teenagers from a rip current off the North Carolina coast. I thought it was great how all of the members of Third Eye Blind were made honorary members of the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue Members as the band was recognized as a team. 

KR: Well…we were doing a photo shoot in the ocean. So we had our photographer Danny on the beach, the whole band in the ocean, and our handler Luke kinda midway. We heard these kids calling out for help, but they seemed fine. I thought it was a bit odd that they were asking for help. They were clearly swimming. But Stephan and Brad are experienced surfers and they knew some shit about a rip tide under current or something. So they asked the kids if they needed help. The kids said they couldn’t swim to shore. So Stephan and Brad swam over to them, asked them to get onto the surf boards, and pushed them to shore. The joke is that meanwhile I was drowning, ha-ha-hah. I’m by no means used to being on a surf board.

JS:  Third Eye Blind’s fifth and latest album, Dopamine, was very well-received.  What is your favorite song from it and why?

KR: I don’t have a favorite. People always ask that. The songs are so different. Like apples and extremely different apples. I love them all, like little munchkins running amok gleefully.

JS: I’d love to hear about the new EP that is in the works.

KR: It’s happening! I’d love to spill the beans on it, but Stephan has me sworn to secrecy.

JS:  The band made a surprise appearance at Coachella in June.  What was that like?

KR: That was just Stephan and our handler Luke. We had just come off tour. Stephan texted something about Coachella and I was like, “Right on!” I saw the footage of it afterwards, looked fab. And I’m 100% sure that our handler Luke was out of his mind the whole time.

JS:  I saw a great video of Stephan crowd surfing at Bonnaroo this year!  It seems like you guys really like to have fun with your fans.

KR: Bonnaroo was so much fun! Our fans are kick ass. If you saw the stage dive, then I’m assuming you saw the insane amount of people that rocked that tent for us. Epic.

JS: Third Eye Blind will be headlining at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh on opening night. It’s a great event. Are any of you airplane buffs?

KR: We’re all kinda nuts about airline travel, haha, cause we do it so much. I think I’m the only member of the group who’s ever flown a plane. Other than that, Brad and I own drones. He’s a pedestrian about it, but I’m a full on drone nut.

JS: What does Third Eye Blind have in store for us at your Oshkosh concert?

KR: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something from Blue. 

JS: Kryz, thank you so much for your time.

KR: Yes! Thank you so much.

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