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clown_smBY Ben Rodgers

Green Bay Fear is back this year at 1050 Bond St. in Green Bay scaring those brave enough to attend with a full-evening’s slate of attractions.

Green Bay Fear is open from 7 to 10 p.m. every Thursday in October and from 7 to 11 p.m. Every Friday and Saturday in October.

The event features four main attractions with a variety of sideshows.

Shawano Manor is the 1800s era Victorian haunted house and contains close to 30 individualized areas. The total walkthrough time takes around 25 minutes and you never know who or what will pop out at any given time.
“We’ve got some state-of-the-art technology in there,” said Dave Oshefsky, event coordinator for Green Bay Fear. “The whole show is controlled with computers.”

The lights create of mood for terror, and every room is meticulously detailed.

“There are plenty of spirits inside, and their performances are theatrically perfected,” Oshefsky said “maintaining a seamless theme throughout. There were no ‘dead spaces’ and every inch is carefully covered to heighten the feeling of walking through a haunted mansion.”

The Twisted Trail is next at Green Bay Fear.

This winding path takes people through the a haunted woods.

“Some feral families roam those woods and people are never sure what to expect,” Oshefsky said. “The ghouls and the sets throughout the trail were just as terrifying as the actors inside the Haunted House.”

Mr. Jingles’ Funhouse is the third attraction at Green Bay Fear.

This chainsaw-wielding clown dares those brave enough to venture inside his idea of what a fun house should be.

“If the parking attendant doesn’t warn you,” Oshefsky said “or the large horrific clown painting outside doesn’t give it away, the inside of this haunted attraction is filled with blood thirsty clowns. You twist and turn throughout the Funhouse all while trying to escape the grasp of the maddened actors.”

The final stop is the Odditorium, an odd collection of freaky artifacts.

Green Bay Fear’s proceeds benefit the Beja Shriners.

“It’s its own communal group and acting troupe of haunters and we develop some fellowship and teach other art, or makeup or costumes or set design,” he said. “But we’re also taking kids and teaching them skills and assigning them roles of responsibility, and we help them through the different roles.”

It takes between 80 and 100 volunteers a night to make for a successful evening at Green Bay Fear with a group of 50 core volunteers that help build and maintain Green Bay Fear for months at a time as the attraction is ever evolving from year to year.

Regular admission is $20 and fast-pass admission is $30. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the event.

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