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I’m just getting old!


By Dr. Steve Hansen   “Doc, I feel like I’m getting old!”   I hear that a lot. And it’s often true … we do feel old when our joints ache. We feel old when our body hurts when the weather changes. We feel old when we can’t turn our heads or other parts of our body just feel stiff. ... Read More »

I left pop culture


By Josh Hadley Pop culture … why hast thou forsaken me? I used to be in the know, I used to have the inside track, I used to be with it … now, though, I am just a relic of the past with nothing positive for the future. I got old and pop culture failed to grow with me.  Did ... Read More »

All-time top 10 dads of TV & film


By Frank Hermans   Being a dad is the coolest, hardest, most rewarding, challenging, spiritual, humbling, heart-filling job I have ever had.  I love it and cherish every moment.  Seeing your sons and daughters grow and learning from them is better than any experience I can ever imagine.  My name is Frank Hermans and I’m a dad!  And I love ... Read More »

The pizza edition


By Tom Smith I’m happy to report my reviews last month didn’t result in lawyers, or Vulcan Death Squads storming my fortress of solitude. That is a good thing because June looks to be a great month for live music in the Green Bay area and I would rather be enjoying music than be in the intensive care unit. Here ... Read More »

‘Mixed Couples’: Golden Bowl lets the good times roll


By A.C. Kruse-Ross   Close your eyes and just imagine. It’s 1978 or maybe it’s 1983. The air heavy with a mix of secondhand smoke and shoe aerosol that gives way to the slightly fragrant yet musky finish of phys. ed. The floor vibrates softly beneath your rented shoes to the electric hum of curving Brunswicks before the chime and ... Read More »

Local Venue Focus: Sympatico


By Lemmy Thru Many voices, many leaders …let it bloom, 9-2-0!   This month the focus is on Sympatico, a De Pere venue that just celebrated its first year of business – and a mighty tough business, it is. Congratulations, Sympatico! Since you survived this significant milestone and you’ll hopefully be around a long while, let’s get to know you ... Read More »

What’s in a name anyways!


By Paul Frazer Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, first round draft choice of the Green Bay Packers in the 2014 annual National Football League player draft might have a strange moniker or nickname that he goes by, but here’s betting that Ha Ha will have an immediate impact on what could only be described as a porous Packer defensive secondary. Throughout the ... Read More »

Open call for young peformers and fans of the stage


Creativity. The art of bringing something new to life! Do you want to have fun experiencing the arts and discovering all the cool aspects it takes to put on a show? Here’s your chance to find out what you’re hidden talents or interests may be. From behind the scenes to center stage you’ll have the opportunity to learn about and ... Read More »

On family farms and dinosaurs


By Denis Gullickson June is Dairy Month. Speaking as a kid who grew up with that mantra ringing in the air each spring — just as school let out — this far-west-side-Green Bay boy never thought of June as anything but. That splendid first month of summer meant farm-fresh, carefree days that would last forever — blue skies and sunshine ... Read More »

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