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“Awww…but it’s for charity.”


By Jamie Lee Rake It’s a cheap enough hobby. And, if administrative costs don’t take up too much of a percentage, it does at least a bit of humanitarian good. Record  shopping at charity thrift shops, that is. If one’s tastes are broad enough, you’re patient enough and never got rid of your turntable or hopped on the narrow berth ... Read More »

Fondy High First Amendment Fight


By Tony Palmeri  The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression annually awards “Jefferson Muzzles” as a way “to draw national attention to abridgments of free speech and press.” The recently released 2014 Muzzles “honor” nine free speech abusers, including the Obama Justice Department for its unprecedented seizure of Associated Press phone records. Two Muzzles went to high ... Read More »

Alan Parsons Live Project

parsons - chile

By Jane Spietz WHAT: Alan Parsons Live Project WHERE: Pabst Theater, Milwaukee WHEN: Friday, May 9, 2014 8 p.m. COST: $45/ $65 INFO:   Alan Parsons has made significant contributions to the world of music as a highly respected sound engineer, producer and musician. His remarkable resume includes work as an assistant sound engineer with the Beatles ... Read More »

…I’m Just Sayin’


Ahh, the month of May. When hope springs eternal, as wide-eyed and misinformed seniors graduate in hopes of making that next step. Remember when you actually had your Graduation Party on the same day you had Graduation? Now, you have parties run as late as August. I’m thinking that’s for seniors looking to grab one last dose of financial heftiness ... Read More »

Challenging a History of Stewardship


By Justin Mitchell April 22 was Earth Day, an annual day of celebration dedicated to the planet and the protection of its natural resources which life depends upon.  Earth Day was first recognized in 1970 by then U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson.  Senator Nelson represented our home state of Wisconsin, and sought to instill an energy and public consciousness about air ... Read More »

Thank you and next chapter.


Thank you for your support throughout our many years of service to Oshkosh and most recently this transition to our new web store!  We have closed our bricks and mortar location at the Shops of City Center.  The renovations and transition have been completed ahead of schedule, so you can enjoy the expanded gift selections at Caramel Crisp Gifts, more ... Read More »

Comics booked


By Josh Hadley Comic books used to be about stories, sure sales were always a concern, but the way to achieve those sales was to tell good stories that kept people coming back for more. This is no longer the case.  In fact, the parent companies of both Marvel and DC (the two largest comic publishers in the industry) have ... Read More »

Mid-State Opens Doors to New Downtown Campus


By Laura Rowe When students enter in the front doors of the new Mid-State Technical College, they  will be welcomed to a beautiful oasis of learning. Located in the heart of downtown Stevens Point and near the Wisconsin Riverfront, the building radiates warmly with an open layout plan, naturally vibrant color scheme and appealing spaces for meeting, sharing and learning. ... Read More »

The Humane Progressive: Creation Myth


BY FRANK MCCANDLESS Modern political discourse is childlike and simplistic.  Democrats versus Republicans, red against blue states or liberal versus conservative are enclosures within which most dialogue resides.  Political ideas are fenced in like cattle waiting for slaughter.  Each issue gets its own predefined cage, and the media carves the ideas into small easy-to-swallow morsels.  One of the latest issues ... Read More »

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