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Frank’s Tribute: A show for all occasions


If you have heard of Let me be Frank Productions, you might have heard of a spinoff of the company called Frank’s Tribute.  Frank Hermans, of Let me be Frank Productions, started doing Elvis in a lot of the oldies shows he was doing at the time, and was approached to do an all-Elvis show.  At first, Hermans wasn’t really ... Read More »

News and Releases from Around the State


WMC: Thanks Governor Walker for signing phosphorus reform into law  4/23/2014- This week Governor Walker signed Senate Bill (SB) 547, monumental reform regarding the state’s phosphorus discharge requirements, and the reform drew praise from the Wisconsin chamber of commerce. Eric Bott, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy for Wisconsin’s Chamber of Commerce – WMC – issued the following statement regarding ... Read More »

I’m Hear


Dear Liv, My husband and I hang around with a great group of friends who recently decided to take a vacation together. One of our friends has a very wealthy friend who owns a beautiful 6 bedroom “mini-mansion” in Florida. This gentleman kindly offered his home to all of us for nothing more than a few nice bottles of wine ... Read More »

Parnells Place


By Justin Mitchell and Jennifer Newlin Parnells Place 2932 Fond Du Lac Rd, Oshkosh (920) 235-9770 Rumors of chicken unparalleled in flavor and tenderness led us just past the southern borders of Oshkosh to Parnell’s Place.   Heading south on Fond du Lac Road a little less than a mile past Ardy & Eds, we pull up to an establishment ... Read More »

Vox Concert Series: Big City Music, Small Town Vibe


By Brian Sauer Could you ever imagine Central Wisconsin being part of a network of venues and listening rooms that host some of the most talented musicians you may not have heard of yet?  The musicians you hear on the radio didn’t just get there. Instead, before being discovered, they honed their music and people skills on stages in Los ... Read More »

Hacker’s Ball Tennis Returns!


By Justin Mitchell Michael Swanson and Natalie Lenz had better be getting out the rackets and launching serve after serve, because it is their only hope to defend their title in what has widely been recognized as one of the closest and most intense finishes in the history of Oshkosh Hacker’s Ball. According to 2nd place finishers Mitchell and Hoefferle, ... Read More »

Near Water Concert Series presents San Fermin with specical guests PHOX, St. Paul & The Broken Bones


San Fermin is the work of Brooklyn composer and songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone. His self-titled debut album is strongly influenced by his unique background in classical music, which includes a job assisting composer/arranger Nico Muhly.  San Fermin is not an album of singles but rather a sweeping, full-bodied listen with multiple distinct peaks and ambitious thematic connections. After finishing his musical ... Read More »

NBA Postseason 2014: Requiem for a Dynasty?


By Nick Olig With the Milwaukee Bucks erased from the postseason picture long ago and now reduced to an interesting debate on whether or not they could beat the Wisconsin Badgers, hoops fans statewide can still look forward to a pretty enticing “second season” in the NBA. The Miami Heat are vying to win their third straight championship. The last ... Read More »

Local Band Focus: Dead Modern Villains


By Lemmy Thru A terrific Green Bay band puts out a new album and there’s nary a word in the papers … until now! Dead Modern Villains have gotten props in print previously, even from this stingy ol’ scribe. But apart from the people who aided the project, this accomplishment has been criminally under-discussed. The trio of Keith Bouche (vocals, ... Read More »

Lessons in music and in life


By Donna Fischer When a particular talent finds the fostering it needs, the results can be dramatic.   Music students, both young and old, are finding a unique haven for their abilities with Music U Student to Stage.  Owners, Dennis Panneck and Pat Hibbard come with many years of experience in the music field and a genuine drive to guide each ... Read More »

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