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Billy Gardell is Back Where He Started…


By Michael Casper After a wildly successful sitcom run with Mike & Molly, and a short Monopoly Millionaires’ Club game show hosting stint, comedian Billy Gardell is back to doing what he was born to do...stand up. In part due of his TV notoriety, he’s not having to slug it out in clubs in front of drunk hecklers who think ... Read More »

Interactive Beatles at the Grand


  By Ben Rodgers  There are certain songs that stick with a person throughout life. These songs bring back memories, either good or bad, but the one constant is that the music stays the same. When Billy McGuigan and his brothers Ryan and Matthew wanted to put together a show, they decided to focus on the one band that brings ... Read More »

Yomawari: Night Alone

December 2016 Live From Japan 1

  By James Page     Game of the Month: Yomawari: Night Alone Developer: NIS America ESRB: Teen Release Date: 10/25/2016 System: PS Vita Player’s Page: Yomawari: Night Alone Video games can serve as a nice escape from the monotony of everyday life. Just like the avid reader, who lives one life for every story they pick up; the avid ... Read More »

Amber Grill Names New Head Chef


With the retirement of Chef Albert Schlaepfer earlier this year, the Amber Grill is pleased to announce that former Sous Chef Matthew Zortman has accepted the position of executive chef at the Amber Grill in the Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center in Stevens Point. “I have always been enamored with cooking,” Chef Matthew said. “As a child I can ... Read More »

Give Yourself a Gift and Buy Local


By George Halas While The Inquisition is renowned for cutting-edge content, it is also respectful of the role tradition plays in our culture. Each December, this column delivers a message that expands on the now traditional “Buy Small Saturday” that follows Black Friday. “Buying Small” or “Buying Local,” focuses attention on the benefits of spending your holiday dollars at small, ... Read More »

Raquel Rodriguez’ 310


  By Sam Brawner There are two things you can always count on at a Raquel Rodriguez performance: One is an undoubtedly impressive show, and the other, her signature 310 necklace, ever present around her neck. 310 just happens to be the area code for the Westside of Los Angeles, where this talented singer was born and raised. It also ... Read More »

Marilyn Zelke-Windau


CURATED BY ERIN HEILING Washday Tent Time   White sheets flapped the cotton line stretched from house to garage. Breezy, the summer day invited fourth grade girls to the backyard. Lemonade in one hand, a brownie in the other, bent arms clutched the latest Little House books. They were prepared.   “Let’s camp out!” one cried. “In the middle of ... Read More »

Summer’s End

September Live From Japan 1

By James Page Every summer the video game industry suffers from a drop in major title releases. However, this slowdown is offset by the anticipation generated in Los Angeles during the month of June. The best and brightest of the industry gather at the E3 Expo to display their wares and generate media buzz for the major releases set to ... Read More »

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