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Forever Homes Are The First Step

The Purple Pride Parade. Why purple? Purple is the color of compassion and kindness.  It is also the color of the OAHS logo. Show pride in your love and support of animals by attending this fun-for-the-whole-family event! Photos courtesy of Cheryl Rosenthal of the OAHS

BY DALE DEVRIES Many of us at the Scene are proud “forever-home-ers.” We’ve adopted a fantastic member of the family from the Humane Society. We felt good about the money we gave them and we think “well… I did my part” and we don’t think about it again. However, so much more goes into the well-being of these pets far ... Read More »

Van Lieshout Strings Together Tennis History

Sandy’s love of tennis started when she was nine years old and taught herself to play.

BY MOLLY VENTURINI Sports bring people together, whether it be practicing with teammates, coaching a group of kids, or cheering on a favorite team. For Sandy Van Lieshout, tennis always was and continues to be a natural part of her everyday life. Sandy Van Lieshout lives by her motto, “get the racquet restrung for the customer in 24 hours.” You ... Read More »

A Massive Choir Concert

Local artist Leif Larson completes a life art painting at the Spring 2014 Oshkosh Music Artist Series, which was live auctioned off for $205.the Fall 2013 Oshkosh Music Artist Series.

By Justin Mitchell You know the old rule: when you are going to have a choir concert, you ought to go massive.  Well, maybe you didn’t know that, but the Oshkosh Music Artist Series is fully vested in it for the November 15, 2014 choir concert at Beckets City Center Atrium. The fifth concert organized by the Oshkosh Music Artist ... Read More »

The Big Torch is Passed to Planet, Washatka, Dylan

Fred Sturm (Photo courtesy of Lawrence University)

By George Halas While the province of The Inquisition is typically mirth and intellectual stimulation, on this occasion we take a moment to bid adieu and Godspeed to Fred Sturm. While not as knowledgeable as some Inquisitors, it has been impossible not to notice that mirth and intellectual stimulation always seemed to be in the same room as Fred. He ... Read More »

What Does Our Government Owe the Unfortunate?

Migrants ride north on top of 'la bestia', heading for the US border.

By ROBERT E. Meyer I participate in a forum where the Appleton Post Crescent asks a group of people to comment on an issue the newspaper chooses on a rotating basis. My group of correspondents was asked what should be done about non-citizen children being shipped over our border as “refugees.” I elected not to respond because the answer could ... Read More »

Labor Day Is More Than Just Another Day Off


By REP. PENNY BERNARD SCHABER This Labor Day, whether we’re throwing our last barbecues of the summer, taking in a parade, or just relaxing at home with our families, it’s is worthwhile to take a moment to consider the hard work and sacrifices of the labor movement and how those sacrifices led to the protections we take for granted today. ... Read More »

This Mill Shapes Writers


By Will Stahl When Steve Polansky moved his family from Minneapolis to Appleton, he knew almost no one. A writer and former university writing teacher, originally from New York, he had taught at The Loft, a huge organization with its own building, supporting the literary community in the Twin Cities with classes and workshops. Wanting to meet people who shared ... Read More »

Afully Pretty


By D. BOB SAUER I’m almost certain we met on a Wednesday. Yep, it was definitely a Wednesday because I remember thinking to myself how ironic it was that she was smoking Camels on hump day. We were the only people in the Laundromat at the time, but come on, it’s still a public place and you’re not supposed to ... Read More »

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