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Green Tea or White Tea?


By Jean Alberti Some distinctive differences separate Chinese white tea from Chinese green tea, yet they have much in common. This blending of common and unique traits tends to confuse new tea drinkers and leave them wondering which is better. They both are better. They both have health benefits superior to many other teas as well as distinguishing properties that ... Read More »

Saving Money While Reducing Your Energy Use


By Justin Mitchell The heat has been on for most Oshkosh homes for a little over one month, with higher winter bills set to arrive within the week. For many in Oshkosh, living in large older homes translates to very high bills this time of the year. Common heating issues with these homes includes inadequate attic insulation, missing exterior wall ... Read More »

Frank’s Top 10 Xmas TV/Movie moments


1. Rankin Bass Productions’ “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” character Yukon Cornelius licking his pick axe after throwing it in the air to find gold and stating … “Nothing”! 2. Rankin Bass Bass Productions’ “Year Without a Santa Claus.” The classic song with Heat Miser and Snow Miser called “Too Much!” In the song the duo rhyme, touch, clutch and ... Read More »

What Oshkosh Needs (part 1 of 11)


By Justin Mitchell Last December, the Oshkosh Scene partnered with twelve community partners to assemble a collection of views on what Oshkosh would look like in 2022. We considered it an alternative take on the traditional year in review that often happens around this time of the year. The response we received from the community was tremendous, no doubt due ... Read More »

That band’s all blues


By James Moran The Jimmy’s, Madison’s “Blues Performer of the Year,” and winner of Madison Magazine’s “Best Band in Madison,” will be blowing their horns in Fond du Lac at the Thelma on Friday, December 13th for a 8pm performance that is sure to knock your socks off. Kevin Miller, Executive Director at the Thelma is anticipating The Jimmy’s return. ... Read More »

On Velvet and Beyond

Velvet Underground_Universal1

By Blaine Schultz ’ll be your mirror, reflect what you are in case you don’t know.” Lou Reed, who died October 27, wrote those lyrics early in his career with the Velvet Underground.  For better or worse, in many ways he lived them. To many listeners the Velvets’ four studio and two live albums set the standard for intelligent rock ... Read More »

New Releases – Hot Books for Every Age!


By Candy Pearson APPLE BLOSSOM BOOKS LLC By age group or genre, I have selected what I think are sure to be some of the most requested books this holiday season by the readers on your shopping list. Children’s picture books: 1. Snowflakes Fall by Patricia MacLachlan - Newbery Medalist MacLachlan and acclaimed illustrator Steven Kellogg pay tribute to the ... Read More »

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