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Michael Brandmeier lyrically paints “Your Christmas Scene”


By Michael Casper Michael Brandmeier writes songs. Many of them you’ve heard on TV, but probably didn’t know it. Think of any show, from “Dawson’s Creek,” to “Tosh O.” to “The Hills,” to “The Voice,” and oodles in between. Think of a scene, any scene...that needs its characters to move from one moment to another without words, and music swells ... Read More »

“108 Rock Star Guitars” will rock your coffee table


By Michael Casper Some time ago east coast photographer Lisa Johnson had an idea for a book that conveyed a new angle to appreciating the art that rock musicians create, by celebrating the art form on which, and from which their art emanates; their guitars. MC: 17 years in the making...when you took that first photograph with Les Paul, what ... Read More »

It’s only three days!


by Dr. Steve Hansen The holiday season really consists of three actual holidays. Yet we manage to turn our lives upside down in a physically and emotionally charged quarter year of stress that wreaks havoc on our health, and our finances. Here’s a few ideas to help you enjoy the season, and come out of it not needing a tropical ... Read More »

Willow Tree Pottery


Marie Sawall runs Willow Tree Pottery, where she specializes in wheel-thrown stoneware and one-of-a-kind coffee mugs. Her interest lies in surface imprint and design, referencing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Arts with a major in printmaking and a minor in ceramics. Marie’s art is exhibited during Oshkosh Gallery Walks and at Avenue Art in Appleton. Marie is ... Read More »

Oshkosh’s Own Cranky Pat’s


By Justin Mitchell, Photos by Jennifer Newlin The family pizza affair that is Cranky Pat’s is now in their eighth year of service to the Oshkosh community, an achievement made possible by the significant dedication by owner Jason Baer, the tremendous staff who make you feel like a good friend, and the reliably great food. Continuing a tradition that started ... Read More »

Oshkosh Prog Rock At Its Finest!


By Anthony L. Montalvo I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with four of the six members from Bon Sage, a local band rooted in Oshkosh, with members from four cities. All donning leather jackets, sipping beers and old-fashioneds, in the growing light of Oblios, I conversed with Jason Bank (guitar, slide guitar, mandolin), Kyle Merckx (guitar, keys, theremin), ... Read More »

Active and Entertained – What else is happening in the Arts and Events World


Of course, there are many great programs happening throughout winter that are neither outdoors nor physical. Again, far too many things happening than we have room for, so check out and to see what is all happening in the area. The arts world at UW Oshkosh continues to offer a tremendous volume of intriguing and skillful performances open ... Read More »

Diversity Movie and Discussion Events


By Janine Wright Friends are an important part of all of our lives. They help us learn important social skills like sharing and compromise. Friends also can help us expand our horizons by sharing differing customs, heritages, or language. Take a moment to think about your friendships. How many of your friends are of a different culture than you? How ... Read More »

Doing the WRITE Thing


By Julie Woik Over the past couple of months I’ve spent a good bit of time thinking about an article that would truly inspire readers. The subject line and what it should entail became crystal clear after a recent encounter with a beautiful young child who so explicitly expressed her love of writing. It was in that moment I decided ... Read More »

A musical spectacle to bring in the holidays


by Donna Fischer Exultant voices will blend with cellos, trumpets, and other instruments this December to create an invigorating experience for fans of holiday music. The Green Bay Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Pops concert calls people of all ages together for a celebration of traditional, beloved holiday tunes at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts in Green Bay. And this ... Read More »

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