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At least one person has called it the Dutch Wal-Mart.


  by Jamie Lee Rake The sales generated at Bargains Galore Thrift Store, 810 W. Main St., Waupun, benefit Central Wisconsin Christian School, a K-12 educational  facility tied to the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) denomination. Since that ecclesiastical body’s roots spring from Netherlander immigrants to the  U.S. though waggish, that nickname given to Bargains by a pastor from the ... Read More »

Passion Leads to Success


By Cassondra Temmer In the beginning of February, Kristy Walsh decided to officially open Glass Slipper Styling Studio. Her idea was to help with the transformation and confidence of one’s self. She begins with the outer self, things such as makeovers and skincare products and then works her way to the inner self with nutrition and wellness using affordable products, ... Read More »

Taking a Dream and Making it a Reality


By Cassondra Temmer  When thinking of opening your own business, you don’t think of all the small details that go into it, such as coming up with the idea, the name, the location, all the things that you take for granted when you get food from your local restaurant, diner, or deli. You don’t think about all the time and ... Read More »

The Chandalier Club


Kathy Peotter has never quite seen eye-to-eye with the notion of the status quo. She is an entrepreneur whose business experience includes stints within the hospitality, marketing, real estate and service industries, among others. Over the past two-plus decades, the Darboy, Wisconsin, native has always striven—regardless of venture—to go above and beyond the expectations of each customer to create, ultimately, ... Read More »

Century Oaks Assisted Living

Happy retired man at the hospital speaking with a young nurse

By Jaclyn Brandt The baby boom of the 1940s and 1950s created a whole new generation of modern thinkers and doers. But now that the generation is aging, both the government and private groups are discussing the future of care. In Wisconsin, the three main options for care include an adult family home, residential care apartment complexes or community based ... Read More »

Preserve the Heart With a Book


By Cassondra Temmer Picture this; you’re sitting by the fire with your favorite holiday drink and your most comfortable clothes. Then you reach over and pick up a book. This is not just any book its one that you selected just for the holidays and you begin to read, not wanting to put it down for anything. For Tom Lyons, ... Read More »

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