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Ki to Health: An Alternative Practice Finds a Home in Oshkosh


By Will Stahl More and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the methods of standard Western medicine, and they are looking for alternatives to the “take pills” style of healing. Courtney Cowie was one of those people. After an early career as an endurance athlete and undergraduate training as a geological engineer, she took an M. A. in Japan Studies ... Read More »

It Didn’t Happen Overnight

Back Problems

You didn’t get that problem overnight. Most of the people that come into my office have not just one complaint, but rather a myriad of health concerns that they are dealing with in many different ways. They may have digestive problems that they are seeing a GI specialist for, as well as being treated by their general practitioner for a ... Read More »

Winnebago County Farm2School Program

Webster Stanley Elementary school garden planting with Jennifer Sattler from Growing Oshkosh, taken by Sarah Wright.

BY SABINA BASTIAS “Thank you dirt, thanks a bunch for my salad, my sandwich, my milk and my munch, because dirt you made my lunch!” These words were belted by students in the Lighted Schoolhouse program at Washington Elementary school during a Farm2School nutrition education lesson. Winnebago County is one of several counties participating in the Wisconsin Farm2School program, providing ... Read More »

Confronting Sex Addiction


By Lauri Ann Lumby In a culture where sex sells, sexual addiction and its related behaviors (compulsive: fantasizing, masturbation, use of pornography, sex sites, multiple partners or even prostitution,) becomes normalized.  In the mental health field, however, these compulsive behaviors are not considered healthy and have been characterized as behaviors consistent with sexual addiction, or hypersexuality.  Currently 3-5% of the ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana is a Drug, Let’s Treat it Like One


By Heidi Keating Medical marijuana is working its way into state legislative discussions around the country. Wisconsin is no exception. Senate bill 363 was introduced in October of last year. While the public hears stories of how medical marijuana can help children with a rare seizure disorder (Dravet syndrome), adults with chronic pain, or people suffering from nausea as a ... Read More »

Avoid winter hibernation


By Dr. Steve Hansen If you are like many people, you aren’t as active in the winter as you were in the spring and summer. I get it! It’s not a pleasant experience to go for a run in sub-freezing temperatures, and walking on snow and ice can be a tricky and dangerous proposition. But it’s not healthy for anyone ... Read More »

Dark Night of the Relationship


By Lauri Ann Lumby The Dark Night of the Relationship is an important stage in any long-standing, committed relationship. The dark night of the relationship is real, it is necessary, and when committed and aware, some relationships will survive it. Some will not. The progression into the Dark Night typically looks like this: 1) You meet someone and fall in ... Read More »

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