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Bringing Hope and Healing to Haiti


By Anne Pawlak When Anita Ahlborn graduated from Mid-State Technical College in 2010, she was thrilled to accept a job as a respiratory therapist at Langlade Hospital in Antigo. Finally, the single mother of three boys thought, I can settle down, make a living, and give my boys everything they had been lacking while I was in school. What she ... Read More »



BY ASHLEY GRUENSTERN July 12th marks The Backlot Comedy House’s one year anniversary since they have been in business and they are expanding to now offer classes and workshops for all ages in addition to their open mic, stand-up showcases and improv and comedy shows. Kyla Morris, owner of The Backlot Comedy House, said that they are now expanding with ... Read More »

Confronting Sex Addiction


By Lauri Ann Lumby In a culture where sex sells, sexual addiction and its related behaviors (compulsive: fantasizing, masturbation, use of pornography, sex sites, multiple partners or even prostitution,) becomes normalized.  In the mental health field, however, these compulsive behaviors are not considered healthy and have been characterized as behaviors consistent with sexual addiction, or hypersexuality.  Currently 3-5% of the ... Read More »

Passion Leads to Success


By Cassondra Temmer In the beginning of February, Kristy Walsh decided to officially open Glass Slipper Styling Studio. Her idea was to help with the transformation and confidence of one’s self. She begins with the outer self, things such as makeovers and skincare products and then works her way to the inner self with nutrition and wellness using affordable products, ... Read More »

Trista Holz Opens Downtown Art Studio


By Dorothy Bliskey Eight years ago Trista Holz quit her day job to seek a full-time career in the field of fused glass art.  Looking back, she says it was a wise choice. “I knew I could make a living with my art. That’s what I went to college for,” says Trista, who has a degree in fine arts from ... Read More »

Winnebago Bicycle


By Scene Staff Winnebago Bicycle is: Ben and Amber Rennert (owners) Devin Nylund, (sales/mechanic) 502 N. Main St, Oshkosh 920.426.3020 Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Sun: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm The bicycle season is upon us, and with just shy of one year under their belts, Winnebago Bicycle is ... Read More »

Lawrence Continues Hot New Music Series with Alan Ferber


By Alysa Levi-DAcona It looks like the sun isn’t the only thing that’s starting to heat up in the Fox Valley area! Starting May 23, Lawrence University is sustaining its New Music At Lawrence by bringing in Alan Ferber, trombonist and composer. The series’ goal is to promote new music from any genre, focusing on specific composers, an anniversary or ... Read More »

Travel the World with Lawrence’s Cabaret


By Alysa Levi-DAncona No, no, we aren’t offering you tickets to Bora Bora or Fiji, but Lawrence University’s Lawrence International is providing the Fox Valley community with the next best thing! On May 9, Lawrence International (LI) is putting on its 38th annual Cabaret: a celebration of world culture through the collaboration of over one hundred students. With a theme ... Read More »

Prevention Works. Let’s Invest in It.


BY EMILY DIERINGER We’re one month past the deadline for the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) health insurance marketplace sign up, and more than eight million people have access to affordable, quality health care. Its a step in the right direction, but just one small step. Ideally, those eight million people will go to their primary care provider for a preventative ... Read More »

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