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Finding the Flow


By Amber McCord One day while working in my studio in my third semester of sculpture in undergrad I realized while cutting my one thousandth form of styrofoam for my sculpture that I became aware I was in a complete meditative state. I became addicted to this feeling of being completely unaware of what was going on around me. Time, ... Read More »

Raising Star Mill Annual Art Show & Sale


April and May every year are filled with art shows, art fairs, and art walks in Portage County. It’s an ongoing celebration of the arts. Even if you’ve gone to all the rest of the events, don’t forget to put May 23 and 24 on your calendar. The RISING STAR MILL ANNUAL ART SHOW AND SALE is again scheduled for ... Read More »

Teaching and Creating


By Sherri Thomas Pottery studios are typically located in a warehouse, school art room, garage or building. So when Alan Schroeder told me his pottery studio, Cornerstone Kiln, is on the 2nd floor of downtown Appleton’s City Center, I asked him to repeat it. After hearing his story of why the studio is in City Center, it’s obvious that he’s ... Read More »

The Draw: A Place to Bring Creative Ideas to the Table


by Jean Detjen. ARTFUL LIVING As spring blossom petals drop down to nourish the soil beneath their branches, a new 5,200-square-foot artistic gathering space will be opening its doors. Envisioned to be “the creative vortex of the community,” The Draw will be taking over the old Riverside Paper building nestled along the Fox River in Downtown Appleton next month. John ... Read More »

Artful Living


By Jean Detjen Fox Cities/Central Wisconsin independent business owners: A side-feature of my new ‘Artful Living’ column in Scene Newspaper will be all about fashion and objects d’art. My personally selected ‘Foxy Finds’ will be featured monthly, starting with the April issue. I’m on the hunt for unique, artful creations for body and work/living spaces that excite the senses. Clothing, ... Read More »

Decorative Arch will Accent Ground of Oshkosh Public Museum


When Edgar Sawyer donated his magnificent home on Algoma Boulevard to the people of Oshkosh in 1922, he stated that he was giving it “for the benefit of the public.” Mr. Sawyer’s generosity was the foundation for the creation of the Oshkosh Public Museum, which until that time had been housed in a cramped second floor space in the Library. ... Read More »

Steven Haas Crafts Metal into Suspended Sculptures


By Donna Fischer Art first learned to float, pivot, and spin around under the innovative hands of American sculptor, Alexander Calder. Since then, mobiles have moved into shopping malls, classrooms, and even above baby beds throughout the world. Graceful at any size, they dance around midair and draw attention to an area next to an entryway or stairwell that might ... Read More »

Ryan Steiskal


BY Amber McCord As a successful independent artist I always have appreciated my teachers and mentors from elementary school through college. They have always produced motivation and induced inspiration and creativity. I owe a lot of my success to these wonderful people in my life. Apparently most artists do. One in particular Ryan Steiskal. Steiskal is an emerging artist who ... Read More »

Artful Living


BY Jean Detjen My new Artful Living column is about feeding senses and spirits through the exploration of art, music, fashion, lifestyle, culture and creative happenings. I invite readers to journey along with me on an eclectic melange of artistic adventures, searching out muses and amusements, meandering as we go. Who needs an itinerary? It often does us good to ... Read More »

Close the Door, Turn on the Light On


BY Patrick K. Mares Before you even enter the White Dog Black Cat Cafe you are greeted by art, the stylized murals of animals that adorn the outer and inner walls of the building. But inside you’ll find them mixed with a set of very different pieces. The critters that give the place its name share the walls with dozens ... Read More »

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