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From the Wine Cave


BY KIMBERLY FISHER May Day… May Day… Next on our journey of investigating the big six, it is time to see what the reds have in store by exploring Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Merlot, this time with another twist. Cabernet Sauvignon is King. It is a grape that ages into subtle splendor, and is a world traveler. When its tiny ... Read More »

Foxy Finds


By Jean Detjen, Artful Living Musical instrument art series by Erinn Komschlies. Originals & Prints of Erinn’s work are available at The Fine Fox in Downtown Neenah. Full spectrum colors on black backdrop sets a dramatic tone. An Appleton native, Erinn is a naturally talented artist and currently attends St. Olaf College as a music major and plays the clarinet in the St ... Read More »

Finding the Flow


By Amber McCord One day while working in my studio in my third semester of sculpture in undergrad I realized while cutting my one thousandth form of styrofoam for my sculpture that I became aware I was in a complete meditative state. I became addicted to this feeling of being completely unaware of what was going on around me. Time, ... Read More »

Launchpad Regionals


By Patrick Mares Friday, March 27, the Engler Center played host to 11 bands for Launchpad’s Green Bay area garage band competition. Each band that had made it to the regional competition was com¬peting for a place at state, and even better, a gig at Summer¬fest. With playtime at the world’s largest music festival you can be sure that the ... Read More »

Pow Wow Time


By Patrick Mares According to the Oneida Nation, “Pow Wow time is the Native American people’s way of meeting together to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships and make new ones.”  It’s a way for a scattered people to come together in dance and song and reinforce traditions as old as the land.  The upcoming 43rd annual Oneida ... Read More »

Dave Steffen Still Bending Strings…


By Michael Casper Growing up in Plymouth, Wisconsin in 1951, there wasn’t a lot a 6 year old could do to occupy his time. When Dave Steffen and his family moved to the Crystal Lake area, he says he was a loner who liked to run away from school at recess. “I was pretty much out of the main stream,” ... Read More »

Raising Star Mill Annual Art Show & Sale


April and May every year are filled with art shows, art fairs, and art walks in Portage County. It’s an ongoing celebration of the arts. Even if you’ve gone to all the rest of the events, don’t forget to put May 23 and 24 on your calendar. The RISING STAR MILL ANNUAL ART SHOW AND SALE is again scheduled for ... Read More »

Crazy Cool Crazy Todd and the Art of House Concerts


by Jean Detjen, Artful Living Appletonian “Crazy” Todd Van Hammond isn’t your typical music fan. When he loves a musician, it’s full tilt love. Some would say he gets a tad possessed when his favorite performers are the subject of conversation. But he’s far from crazy. And he’s someone to whom the local music community and beyond ought to pay ... Read More »

Teaching and Creating


By Sherri Thomas Pottery studios are typically located in a warehouse, school art room, garage or building. So when Alan Schroeder told me his pottery studio, Cornerstone Kiln, is on the 2nd floor of downtown Appleton’s City Center, I asked him to repeat it. After hearing his story of why the studio is in City Center, it’s obvious that he’s ... Read More »

The Draw: A Place to Bring Creative Ideas to the Table


by Jean Detjen. ARTFUL LIVING As spring blossom petals drop down to nourish the soil beneath their branches, a new 5,200-square-foot artistic gathering space will be opening its doors. Envisioned to be “the creative vortex of the community,” The Draw will be taking over the old Riverside Paper building nestled along the Fox River in Downtown Appleton next month. John ... Read More »

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