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Bandung Indonesian Restaurant in Review

Muskrat Crossing SIgn

By Jamie Lee Rake How does one review dishes from a cuisine from which there’s no easy point of comparison? Just say how delicious it is...and the strangely candid service by which it was presented, I suppose. Such is the case with a longtime favorite restaurant of mine and the only one of its kind in Wisconsin (to my knowledge, ... Read More »

Fall-O-Rama and Walk for Wellness: Fun in the Fall for One and All


By Merry Dudley The newly renovated South Park in Waupaca will host the 2014 Fall-O-Rama and Walk for Wellness on Saturday, September 20. Fall-O-Rama offers family friendly activities for all ages. The event, which runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, will feature craft vendors, pumpkin carving, fitness demonstrations, live music, food and more. There will also be a petting ... Read More »

Small Town with a Big Heart Celebrate Amherst on September 13

Hip Pocket, a 10-piece band, plays a variety of classic rock, R&B and contemporary hits.

By Merry Dudley The Tomorrow River community of Amherst invites you to bring the family to its 5th annual Celebrate Amherst River Fest on Saturday, September 13. In honor of this event, Main Street will be shut down to traffic so vendors can set up their booths on the street. A sampling of the items offered at these booths include ... Read More »

SHARDS Presents a Fall Festival of Music!


SHARDS inc. invites you to join us for a day of music and food at Back Stage Bar & Grill. Tickets cost $15 and include a meal (choice of three entrees, turkey plate, bowl of chili, or pulled pork sandwich) and a beverage from the bar. The festival will feature four artists, beginning at noon with Jess Ellison’s Fabulous Piano. ... Read More »

DMV Nightmare

DMV Line

By Rohn W. Bishop On a Friday in late July, I knew I’d be heading to Sheboygan to help a friend and since  I was due to renew my drivers license, and the Department of Motor Vehicles was on the way,  I figured I’d stop in. New Wisconsin drivers license are also Real ID, a federally mandated identification card to ... Read More »

Movies an Afterthought


by Josh Hadley Do movies matter anymore? When I was growing up, movies mattered not just to me, but to culture as well. Movies had a significant impact on that very same culture ... now it seems that movies are simply there and have no real impact. Mainstream or underground, low budget to mega budget, realistic to insane ... I ... Read More »

What’s the Good Word


By Scherryl Antoniadis IMPROVISE: verb, to make or create something by using whatever is available; to figure out something as you go; brainstorm; invent, contrive or dream up. Have you ever thought about how we humans naturally improvise from the day we are born? For example . . . if Mom or Dad are not quick enough with a bottle, ... Read More »

Blacking Out the Sky: Remembering the Passenger Pigeon


By Bridgette Weber Imagine a bird that was once so abundant it blacked out the sky for weeks; the flock of billions migrated to the Northwest band to nest. Imagine a bird that never went unnoticed, and a bird that will never be seen again. The passenger pigeon was once one of the most abundant birds in the world; 2014 ... Read More »

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