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Around the Bay


Curated by Erin Heiling Excerpts from Around the Bay by Gary C. Busha Large wet snowflakes fall upon neatly stacked cordwood and litter of mice. Days like confetti shredded papers calendars picked up by sweepers. The willow branches Like skeleton fingers Clack against themselves. Caught lying again The old may gets the paddle Another sore hinder. Peanut butter sandwich apple ... Read More »

Cathryn Cofell

Erin Heiling

Currated By Erin Heling What to Give Her No makeup or mirrors, nothing that reflects, no TV screens, no tinted glass, no tin. No clinging clothes or cameras, no photos or frames, no possibility of any shape, trapped. No trappings of any kind, no pedicure, no perfect pearl, no clutch of orchids. Not one thing for a kitchen—paring knives, Pyrex ... Read More »

Lucas Alan Dietsche


CURATED BY ERIN HEILING Propellor Fields the whole horizon ridge a good scan left to right will see a line of blinking cherries in happy darkness so afraid and curious true signals give navigation these fans would whirl on forever near the Oakfield village. way below the gleam of moonish nights i am now, driving myself in a motor car ... Read More »

Marilyn Zelke-Windau


CURATED BY ERIN HEILING Washday Tent Time   White sheets flapped the cotton line stretched from house to garage. Breezy, the summer day invited fourth grade girls to the backyard. Lemonade in one hand, a brownie in the other, bent arms clutched the latest Little House books. They were prepared.   “Let’s camp out!” one cried. “In the middle of ... Read More »

Civility Starts in the Classroom


Curated By Erin Heiling   We build a stronger and more diverse community by actively sharing our ideas and opinions with others in thoughtful and considerate ways.  By practicing this basic commitment to civility, we learn and grow from one another - even in disagreement.” This is the Oshkosh Civility Pledge, and the Communities program at Oshkosh North High School ... Read More »

Nathan J. Reid


CURATED BY ERIN HEILING   Downpour Flash-frozen puddles ripple into existence like glass oracles floating above snow chance bends at their mercy weaving whirlwinds into wrinkles when streetlights illuminate they burn like pools of gold. The Way of Nature Remember the simple taste of fruit, apples rolling leisurely down Haystack Hill, the grass finely brushed by the wind, carrying the ... Read More »

Poetry By Mandi Isaacson


BY ERIN HEILING   Untidy Floods  snow  hail sabotage spring our disheveled April hungers to sing   Petulant Child   April thumbs her nose at us dares us to dart through her muddy puddles hurries crocus open-mouthed to chomp through snow toward sky May winks at April’s antics, is on to her willful displays of affection   Mandi Isaacson was ... Read More »

A Lovely Box: A Poetry Review


BY ERIN HEILING & SHERRY MISENER Christina Kubasta’s book of poetry, “A Lovely Box,” is an intriguing and complex word puzzle about life’s most challenging and common rites of passage – a coming of age mix of observations about life, love, sexuality, family, addiction, illness and death, topics that touch each one of us – as well as a study ... Read More »

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