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Unsung Heroes of Milwaukee Rock and Roll – Justin Perkins

Jusitn Perkins_studio

By Blaine Schultz Justin Perkins makes his way through a sold out, packed-like-sardines Cactus Club in Milwaukee’s Bayview neighborhood. No one pays him any mind. This is the guy who mixed and mastered former Replacement Tommy Stinson’s new Bash and Pop album. Then he was asked to play bass on the tour. Ten minutes later the Cactus Club is even  ... Read More »

NRBQ – High Noon (A 50-Year Retrospective)


By Blaine Schultz NRBQ originally stood for New Rhythm and Blues Quintet. But most often Quartet. Except when the band backed up Carl Perkins, it briefly stood for New Rockabilly Quartet. They have been known to add the two piece Whole Wheat Horns.  Old bumper stickers for the band simply read Q. So what to make of this band that ... Read More »

Mark Hillstrom – From the Mountain You can See the Hills


BY Blaine Schultz Mark Hillstrom has worn many hats over the years. You may recognize him behind the counter at The Exclusive Company, as label boss of Erosion Records (whose roster includes Beekler and the Die Kreuzen Tribute Lean Into It) or as a musician in one of his bands over the years. In 2002, Hillstrom released the ep In ... Read More »

The Vulgar Boatmen and Walter Salas-Humara


BY Blaine Schultz In the 1980s, a Florida college professor (Robert Ray) and some of his students formed a band. One of the students (Dale Lawrence) moved back to his home state of Indiana where he formed a working version of the band. The pair continued to collaborate, exchanging cassettes via the mail. In 1985 co-founder Walter Salas-Humara left the ... Read More »

Postcard From Berwyn


BY Blaine Schultz What becomes a semi-legend almost? Eight albums, plus a handful of singles and compilation appearances in three decades, Chicago’s Green may be the best band you never heard of. Well you had your chance. You might even get another chance. On June 18th, Green performed at Wire in Berwyn, Illinois and aside from receding hairlines and greying ... Read More »

Space Raft – Rubicon (Dusty Medical Records)


BY Blaine Schultz In two years Milwaukee’s Space Raft has released a pair of albums, a vinyl 45, and opened for Bernie Sanders. Bands release records to varying levels of success. Fewer can say they were asked to open for a candidate for President of the United States. So here we are in April and we may already have a ... Read More »

Eric Ambel: The Swiss Army Knife of Roots Rock


By Blaine Schultz If Eric Ambel’s name does not ring a bell, consider that since 1981 he has toured and made records with the likes of Joan Jett and Steve Earle. Yes, Ambel has been a Blackheart and a Duke. He has been a member of the Del-Lords and the Yayhoos (with Georgia Satellite Dan Baird). His mentors as a ... Read More »

Postcard From Milwaukee

Frogwater  - Wide Rivers (BSM) Photo by Deone Jahnke

BY Blaine Schultz Sure it would be possible to grab four equally diverse musical acts based in Milwaukee, but the fact they all have recently released albums demonstrates the ongoing vitality of folks who have been at it for decades. If the quote/unquote music biz has become as harsh and cold as this Wisconsin winter, check out these releases and ... Read More »

Jeff Hamilton Talks about the New Violent Femmes Album

Jeff Hamilton at Village Recorders tracking session with Violent Femmes

BY Blaine Schultz This March Milwaukee multi-instrumentalist Jeff Hamilton marks 11 years playing with the Violent Femmes in venues all over the world.  His resume also includes playing with Beatallica, the Probers, True Heart Susie, and the US Band.  At his Hamtone Audio studio he has produced and engineered countless sessions in his 25 years of operation. In March, the ... Read More »

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