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The Velvet Underground – The Complete Matrix Tapes

By Doug Yule Courtesy of Sal Mercuri

BY Blaine Schultz Back in September, when word leaked out that Loaded, the Velvet Underground’s fourth and final studio album was getting the deluxe reissue treatment. I emailed a record company contact to get the lowdown. But I forgot that Loaded was released on a different label than the previous three albums. My contact Todd reminded me of this but ... Read More »

Testa Rosa III (Atomic Records)


BY Blaine Schultz Some bands take a while to develop a sound and grow into their skin. Milwaukee’s Testa Rosa seems to have been birthed fully formed, and hit the ground running. Since their 2007 debut they have mined a sound richly textured, drawing as much from well-produced classic studio albums as high energy Punk/New Wave singles. Testa Rosa’s new ... Read More »

What Becomes a Power Pop Legend Most?


BY Blaine Schultz As a description, “Power Pop” ranges from a ‘thumbnail illustration,’ to ‘useless.’ Most listeners can name bands that fall into said genre, but damned if anyone can really define it. A genre that began with the Beatles, it was coined as a term over a decade after the British Invasion held sway. Yet some artists who got ... Read More »

Jon Kanis is equal parts inspired and inspiring


BY Blaine Schultz His resume includes Encyclopedia Walking – Pop Culture & the Alchemy of Rock ‘n’ Roll, a book that collects his writings from the weekly San Diego Reader, Ugly Things magazine, The San Diego Troubadour, and his own blog site. Kanis is or has been a recording artist (All American Mongrel Boy – a collection that veers from ... Read More »

Passing of Raconteur: Stan Erickson


BY Blaine Schultz On June 17th Stan Erickson passed away at his home in Appleton at age 61. Among his titles (Raconteur, Record Maven, Trivia Baron, Fellow Traveller, Crossword King, Clip Art Genius, Compiler of Obscure Songs, Drinking Buddy, Recorder of Bootlegs, Bowling Shirt Aficionado), Erickson is best known as co-owner of New Frontier Record Exchange.  From the outside it ... Read More »

The Unheard Of Celebrate 30 Years


BY Blaine Schultz Has there ever been a band more appropriately named than The Unheard Of?  They couldn’t get arrested in their own back yard, yet have seven vinyl releases at home and in Europe. Recently the group celebrated its 30 year milestone on WMSE 91.7 fm. Three decades ago Jim Galaxy and the late Dave Raeck got together to ... Read More »

Rebel Waltz – Rubber Walls (25th Anniversary Reissue)


By Blaine Schultz Last August over 200 artists performed at over 60 venues in downtown Appleton.  Twenty five years ago Rebel Waltz released their album Rubber Walls, to a small but dedicated following. To quote Lou Reed, “Those were different times.” Think about it.  If you were around three decades ago and wanted to hear cutting edge music in the ... Read More »

The Long Haul


BY Blaine Schultz Gurf Morlix, Kevin Gordon, Phil Lee and Johnny Dowd may not be household names but all of these singer/songwriter/musicianss have found creative ways to make a career work well into the age when most folks are planning to retire.  Don’t be surprised if none of these guys ever hang it up. Their careers have drifted from Buffalo, ... Read More »

Paul Biemann

Blue in the Face (circa 1994) L-R: Bob Jennings, Mike Benign, Pat Basler, John Carr, Andy Buck, Paul Biemann, Ed Spangenberg

By Blaine Schultz You may have seen him playing bass in any number of bands over the last few decades or even tooling around on his vintage Triumph Bonneville motorcycle when the weather permits, but odds are best you have seen Paul Biemann running the soundboard at Milwaukee’s Shank Hall. In November Shank celebrated its 25th anniversary. On the opposite ... Read More »

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