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Dump Trump!


The only way to stop Hillary Clinton is to Dump Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. By Rohn Bishop</p. If Republicans had nominated a governor or a senator with a center-right governing philosophy, the Republican nominee would be leading the morally bankrupt former First Lady, a known liar, who is under an FBI investigation for how she handled ... Read More »

What if Trump wins GOP Nomination?


BY ROHN W. BISHOP In 1860 the Democrat Party split over the issue of slavery, and the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dred Scott Decision. At their convention, looking to unite behind a candidate, Democrats looked to Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois, who was seen as a moderate on the issue of slavery, as a consensus candidate. This didn’t sit ... Read More »

Ted Cruz…outsmarting himself?


BY Rohn Bishop As readers of “Rohn’s Rants,” are aware, I’m lukewarm about Texas Senator Ted Cruz, but I’ve also stated he can persuade me. There’s no question that Ted Cruz is brilliant, and a staunch conservative. Having graduated cum laude from Princeton University, the Princeton debate team named their annual novice championship after Cruz. Cruz would then graduate Harvard ... Read More »

Merry Christmas


BY ROHN W. BISHOP This December’s column represents my second anniversary writing for the Scene, and what started as a local column in the Fond du Lac edition has grown to become a regularly published column in all five editions and is posted online monthly. To all of you who read “Rohn’s Rants” every month I sincerely thank you! And ... Read More »

Rush Limbaugh You’re Breaking My Heart


BY ROHN W. BISHOP Mega dittos Rush! Long time listener first time writer! I grew up listening to you on the EIB network, started listening when I was about 13. During study hall at school I would read your books, ‘The Way Things Ought to Be,’ and ‘See, I Told You So,’ a decision that got me strange looks from ... Read More »

Remembering 9/11 & Frustration with the Republican Senate


BY ROHN W. BISHOP Every year on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, we pause to remember what happened to us on that day. It was no different this year, as people felt good about themselves posting photos to Facebook and Twitter of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, while attaching a cute catch phrase like “Never forget” or ... Read More »

Trump NO!


BY ROHN W. BISHOP What the hell are we doing? The Republican Party currently has the best slate of candidates to seek it’s nomination since 1980! We have conservative governors, conservative senators, a business woman, a neurosurgeon, immigrant kids, small town kids, all of whom are true believers to the conservative cause. Yet it’s Donald Trump who’s leading the Republican ... Read More »

Feingold’s race to lose


BY ROHN W. BISHOP When I was a kid “Back to the Future” came out, and was an instant 80’s classic. American’s enjoyed the adventures of Marty McFly traveling back in time to 1955, then to 2015-when the Cubs win the World Series- before heading back to 1855, and finally the movie’s end when Marty returns to 1985. What a ... Read More »

When the lie about the Truth becomes the Truth

Saddam Hussein

BY Rohn Bishop Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, a really bad guy. Following a brutal rise to power in 1979, Saddam Hussein would become one of the most evil men on the planet, devastating Iraq and repressing all dissent. Saddam would use chemical weapons against his own people; start an awful war with Iran that would kill hundreds of ... Read More »

The Democrats: A History of Shame


By Rohn Bishop In May, we Republicans will gather in La Crosse for our annual convention; which reminds me that back in March I took to social media to commemorate the birthday of the Republican Party. I wrote: “On this date in 1854 a group of abolitionist met in Ripon Wisconsin to form the Republican Party. 11 years later they’re ... Read More »

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