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Vic Ferrari: Symphony on the Rocks and Together Again with SMT


By George Halas The Inquisition has been ruminating on the term “cover band,” which for certain musicians and fans is a pejorative. For others, “tribute” bands who “cover” hit songs by other artists note-for-note are in high demand and often achieve financial success and longevity. While they don’t play their own stuff and perform compositions by Beethoven, Mahler, Mozart, et ... Read More »

Give Yourself a Gift and Buy Local


By George Halas While The Inquisition is renowned for cutting-edge content, it is also respectful of the role tradition plays in our culture. Each December, this column delivers a message that expands on the now traditional “Buy Small Saturday” that follows Black Friday. “Buying Small” or “Buying Local,” focuses attention on the benefits of spending your holiday dollars at small, ... Read More »

Big Band Reunion 25th Anniversary Concert


BY George Halas As the Beatles sang, “It was 25 years ago today Bob and Nate got the band to play.” On Tuesday, October 25th from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. at Frank’s Pizza Palace on College Avenue in Appleton, under the direction of current co-leaders Ken Skitch and Marty Robinson, The Big Band Reunion will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the group with ... Read More »

Bomber Sound Makes the Jazz Fest Sound the Best


BY George Halas One of the most interesting ironies in life is that, as a member of the audience, the better the sound, the less you notice it. Musicians, on the other hand, are hyper-aware of sound quality and place the highest value on a quality “sound guy” because they are very rare. For the last several years, perhaps unbeknownst ... Read More »

The Way Walt Weiskopf Plays It


BY George Halas One of the musical highlights in a Wisconsin summer full of them is the scheduled appearance of Steely Dan and Steve Winwood at the BMO Harris Pavilion in Milwaukee on July 16th. The Inquisition suspects that there are many upsides to being Donald Fagen and Walter Becker; one is that after four decades of critical acclaim and ... Read More »

Streetball Celebrates 25 Years, Neenah Music and…


BY George Halas Inquisitors want to know…and need to know….summer is happening in Neenah. Neenah StreetBall 3 on 3 turns 25 this year and Future Neenah, the non-profit that organizes the annual event, has planned some special activities to celebrate the occasion. The 25th Annual StreetBall 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament will be held on June 11th in the streets ... Read More »

Washatka Produces Stellar Sound, Results


BY George Halas Given that most loyal Inquisitors are highly intelligent and well-educated in addition to having great taste, it is a fair assumption that you are familiar with the Latin phrase, caveat emptor, “buyer beware.” The Inquisition hopes that you are also an accutus emptor, a “smart buyer.” The Inquisition is painfully aware of many instances where great musicians ... Read More »

Ross Catterton: The WAMI’S & Beyond


By George Halas In addition to the latest and greatest on fabulous music, artists and venues, the myriad of beneficial services The Inquisition provides includes preparation for one-upmanship. Savvy Inquisitors know that one-upmanship is a vital skill for water coolers, break rooms, family gatherings and anywhere pitchers of beer are served. Historical examples of one-upmanship include phrases like “I saw ... Read More »

VIC, STEVIE: Together Again for the First Time


BY George Halas They have two of the most recognizable names in Fox Cities’ music. In addition to his many concert appearances and his recorded work, singer Stevie March-Torme is well-known for his afternoon radio show on 91.1 The Avenue. According to their legion of fans, Vic Ferrari is the best rock band in Wisconsin. Drawing from the title of ... Read More »

Miss Molly to Release “SNOW” in time for Spring

Photo by Al Kolbeck

BY George Halas There is a rich treasure trove of original music being created in the Fox Cities and some of it fits into pre-existing categories like rock, jazz, country, pop, alt-rock, alt-country, etc. Then there is Miss Molly. The Menasha-based duo, comprised of keyboardist Molly Conrad and guitarist Michael Theroux, incorporates so many different and appealing elements into their ... Read More »

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