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January Rocks, Swings, Begins Anew


BY George Halas While The Inquisition is known for hard-hitting, objective, fact-based – not to mention fair and balanced – news analysis, there have been one or two occasions where unabashed enthusiasm has somehow found its way into the mix. This is potentially one of those times…. One of the best things about January is the annual appearance at Waverly ... Read More »

Double Bubble


By George Halas There are scientific studies that indicate that those two words generate Pavlovian smiles on the faces of many in Wisco. Loyal Inquisitors may recall that we have added a new dimension to that term, building on the notion that buying local in terms of holiday shopping is a very good thing for all concerned. How it works: ... Read More »

Ken Skitch. “Kenny.”


By George Halas There are a number of very good reasons why you might recognize the name, despite the fact that he is a very humble, self-described “utility man” who deliberately avoids the spotlight. Perhaps you know him as the co-leader and trombonist for The Big Band Reunion, the 18-piece jazz big band now in its 24th year, and playing ... Read More »

No Limit on Catching Jazz at the Trout


BY George Halas Even for The Inquisition, the math is pretty easy… Great jazz + great art + an idyllic setting = one fabulous Thursday night. As it enters its sixth season, The Jazz at The Trout series has become a must-see/hear for a growing number of music fans. The series was conceived initially by John and Susan Toussaint. “The original ... Read More »



BY George Halas Andy Mertens has earned some SCENE ink for his bass playing alone. He is a founding member of The Jazz Orgy, two-time winners of the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Award for Best Jazz Band and has been nominated twice for WAMI’s Best Bass Player award. He also plays with River City Six, The Talk of the ... Read More »

Kat Reinhert “Sparks” a New Album


BY George Halas In addition to all the great original music being generated locally, Wisconsin is also in the business of exporting extraordinary talent to other parts of the country and the world. A splendid example is singer-songwriter-composer Kat Reinert, whose new album, “Spark” was released on August 21st. Growing up in Milton, Wisconsin, Reinhert – then Kat Berentsen – ... Read More »

New Focus on N.E.W. Music


BY George Halas From its humble beginnings, The Inquisition strives to discover and reveal the hidden gems in the music and art of The Fox Cities. One of the most important revelations was simply the enormous quantity and quality of original music of all types emanating from artists and bands based from Fond du Lac to Green Bay. The Inquisition ... Read More »

Grammy Nominees Headline Fox Jazz Fest


BY George Halas Grammy nominees Tom Harrell and Rene Marie will headline the 22nd annual Fox Jazz Festival to be held in beautiful and idyllic Jefferson Park in Menasha on Saturday, September 5th and Sunday, September 6th, starting at noon on both days. Admission is free. In addition, the traditional and always surprising “Festival Jam” anchored by The Noah Harmon ... Read More »

Lawrence Dream Team to Rock Fox Jazz Fest


BY George Halas While it has been Monty Python that provides the on-going inspiration, The Inquisition, like its 15th Century namesake, agrees that confession is good for the soul. It is in that spirit that The Inquisition confesses to and apologizes for recalling the words of Dan Aykroyd and thinking that “Mangled Baby Ducks” sizzles more than “Lawrence Jazz Faculty ... Read More »

DARK FUNK: A Very Good Response & More


BY George Halas Over the past couple of years, it has become apparent to fans of Kyle Megna and The Monsoons, Mile of Music attendees, at least one brilliant music writer and Megna himself that, while the band’s work on previously released, impeccably-produced albums of all-original material is excellent, the Monsoons sound even better live. Megna is both astute and ... Read More »

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