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VOCATION (vō-ˈkā-shən)


BY Scherryl Antoniadis Once upon a time, long, long ago . . . when I was a young girl of 5 or 6, I set my mind on becoming a ballerina when I grew up. It was a dream that I am sure was, and still is, shared by many girls of that age. To prepare for what I was ... Read More »

PANDEMONIUM (pan-duh-moh-nee-uh m)


BY SCHERRYL ANTONIADIS I come from a large family... a very large family. My maternal grandparents had 13 children; who, in turn, married and gave them 44 grandchildren. Although my paternal grandparents couldn’t compete with that, they did produce four children and 12 grandchildren of their own. In addition to myriad aunts, uncles and cousins, I also have two brothers ... Read More »

What’s the Good Word – ABSTRACTED


By Scherryl Antoniadis I recently took advantage of a perfect summer day to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes – shopping. Truth be told, I didn’t “need” anything, but as I’ve explained to my husband on a number of occasions, sometimes it’s just about the hunt for us ladies. So... I drove to a nearby mall, parked in the ... Read More »

What’s the Good Word


By Scherryl Antoniadis IMPROVISE: verb, to make or create something by using whatever is available; to figure out something as you go; brainstorm; invent, contrive or dream up. Have you ever thought about how we humans naturally improvise from the day we are born? For example . . . if Mom or Dad are not quick enough with a bottle, ... Read More »

ENIGMA (iˈnigmə)


By Scherryl Antoniadis Like many people, I love a good riddle - or enigma - in pretty much any way, shape or form. [ENIGMA:  Greek origin, a noun used to describe someone or something that is difficult to understand or explain; an obscure speech or writing; an inscrutable or mysterious person] My predilection for the seemingly inexplicable means that I ... Read More »



By Scherryl Antoniadis My dear friend Amanda and I meet almost every Friday to have a leisurely chick’s luncheon, or dinner, depending on our schedules...where we do eat, but what we eat is of no importance to us.  The real reason for our get-togethers is to enjoy a few, very animated, hours of talking and laughing.  More often than not, ... Read More »

What’s the Good Word? SERENDIPITY


By Scherryl Antoniadis It was New Year’s Eve, San Francisco, 1978.  My roommate, Lynne, and I were going to join a group of friends for a quick drink, followed by a late-night dinner to ring in the new year. We agreed to meet at a neighborhood hangout called the ‘Final, Final’ -- aptly named as it is the last bar ... Read More »

Subterfuge (suhb-ter-fyooj)


By scherryl antoniadis Sadly, it seems that we live in a time when whether you get your news from the Internet, TV, radio or newspaper, much of it is discouraging. As I get my news from all of these sources, I have found that rarely a day goes by without some sort of scandal breaking out -- be it political, ... Read More »

What’s the Good Word?


By Scherryl Antoniadis Okay, you’re on a road trip with your best pals, enjoying the scenery and blissfully (and maybe a bit too loudly?) singing along to your favorite tune when – suddenly – your friends burst into gales of laughter. Seeing your confusion, they explain that you have just mercilessly mangled the lyrics of the song. Happens to everyone, ... Read More »



By Scherryl Antoniadis Like most people, I employ many of the communication methods that technology has now put at our fingertips; E-mail, Facebook and texting, to name just a few. But while I certainly appreciate the convenience these tools provide, I am beginning to worry that our increasing reliance on the shorthand that they have spawned (i.e., OMG, LOL, BTW) ... Read More »

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