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Wild Mushroom Risotto


BY Davies Wakefield Risotto with Morel Mushrooms and Pinot Noir My mother used to tell me about her childhood in Eureka, Illinois during the depression when she would go out into the woods on the Pifer’s family farm to hunt for morels. In those days the family never ate the morels fresh, but dried them and used them in chicken ... Read More »

Merlot and Beef Tenderloin


By Davies Wakefield All wine lovers who have seen the movie “Sideways” remember the famous scene where Miles says, “If anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am NOT drinking any f***ing Merlot.” That line and Miles fascination with Pinot Noir caused sales of Merlot in the US to decline by two percent; while sales and the pricing power of Pinot ... Read More »

Duck Legs, Sauerkraut and Alsatian Riesling


By Davies When I was a little boy of about 6, my dad took my brother Quentin and I to Jackson Park just south of the Museum of Science and Industry. We lived on the second floor of a three-flat walk- up on 63rd street near Halsted in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. An Irishman, Tom Ryan, who played ... Read More »

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Sea Scallops

Sea Scallops

by Davies Wakefield During the last bull market and real estate bubble, which ended in tears in 2008, a curious thing happened in the world of gastronomy.  Chefs like Ferran Adria at El Bulli on the Costa Brava north east of Barcelona and others in prominent locations like New York, San Francisco and Tokyo started experimenting with molecular gastronomy.  The ... Read More »

Skirt, Flat Iron, Tri-tip Steaks and Grenache-Syrah Blends

A Vineyard on My Table #22 009

By Davies Wakefield Restaurants have been using these unusual cuts of beef for quite a few years.  I remember the first time I had Bifteck pommes frites at Le Bastille in Chicago with my wife and about 15 friends after attending a Cub’s game.  I couldn’t figure out what the cut of meat was by the appearance.  What I now ... Read More »

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