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A Taste For It


BY Jamie Lee Rake “Don’t go there if you don’t like big desserts,” said a friend, with her husband’s concurring, of Pine Cone Travel Plaza Restaurant & Bakery (685 W. Linmar Lane, Johnson Creek, near the outlet mall around the juncture of Highways 26 and 94;920-699-2767, of where they had recently enjoyed dining while engaging in church picnic conversation. ... Read More »

Theresa Langenfeld’s Yellow Bean Soup


By Trish Derge I’s August. Who wants to even think about making or eating hot soup? But the yellow beans are in! And what better way to enjoy them than in a soup? I found a generation’s old recipe from a long since passed dear woman from the Holyland who raised and fed seven kids, and a few farm ... Read More »

The Wine Cave


BY Kimberly Fisher What makes a wine a WINE? Many characteristics and attributes contribute to this luscious drink, but understanding more of how it becomes what it is will help you appreciate more of what wine is. APPEARANCE AND COLOR: Wine can be red, white or rose. If a wine appears cloudy, there could be something wrong with it; we ... Read More »

5 O’clock Somewhere


BY Jim Moran Rebecca Durant, Menasha’s newest tavern owner, has worked hard to earn a great reputation as a friendly neighborhood bar that serves great food. Five O’clock Somewhere, formerly Hank’s Tavern, is located on Broad Street in Menasha’s established 5th ward. This German-Polish neighborhood of primarily hardworking blue-collar families is accustomed to understanding value, and these expectations have already ... Read More »

Barrel Aged Bigfoot Ale


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico, CA & Asheville, NC BY Steve Lonsway When we were first presented the opportunity to write beer articles, my mind immediately went to the many (and I mean MANY) wonderful beers I have had from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. The problem is I think people would get bored reading about them every single month. So ... Read More »

Yankee Buzzard


Some say history repeats itself, but it always leaves a trail of people, places and things that serve as the impetus for the stories we will tell next. Sometimes the story is a song. Or maybe a piece of art. And sometimes it’s a craft beer. Wisconsin Brewing Company Brewmaster, Kirby Nelson, is a storyteller. His medium isn’t a canvas ... Read More »

Mustard Seed Café Successful Transplant in Howard


BY Patrick Mares The Mustard Seed Cafe has performed a magician’s trick of sorts, sliding from one side of the Bay Area to the other like a tablecloth pulled from beneath a full set of china. But unlike that tablecloth the Mustard Seed Cafe used the change of address to reinvent itself, filling its tables with an even richer spread ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


BY Kimberly Fisher Viva La France! France is a place of many wonders and has many unique grape growing areas. The Rhone Valley is the oldest established winemaking region in France dating back 600 years before the Romans. Although the Rhone is considered one wine region, it is divided into two distinct parts based on climate and grape variety. The ... Read More »

Burger Time!


By Trish Derge Anybody can squish a few patty’s out of a pound of burger, toss them on the grill and singe the dickens out of them until they’re flavorless and dry as a Saharan paleontologist’s sack lunch. But if you want your guests at your cookout to enjoy their meal, and not collectively roll their eyes in disgust at ... Read More »

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