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Goldilock’s Revenge


BY Steve Lonsway Typically when our team samples beer to write this fine article, we go out and purchase the beer or look at our in-house stock and find one that jumps out at us. We do this so that you, the consumer is able to understand what drove us to the particular brewery or style. It may be a ... Read More »

Egg Salad is Easy… Right?


By Trish Derge I know it sounds simple, and it actually is...but there are a few tips I’d like to pass along to you on how-to make the best hard-boiled eggs. There are several cooking method variations, but no matter which you use, there are common mistakes you should try to avoid. 1. Using the wrong size pot Don’t try ... Read More »

Shape of Glass DOES Affect Taste!


Seeing is smelling for a camera system developed by scientists in Japan that images ethanol vapor escaping from a wine glass. And, perhaps most importantly, no wine is wasted in the process. Kohji Mitsubayashi, at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and colleagues impregnated a mesh with the enzyme alcohol oxidase, which converts low molecular weight alcohols and oxygen into ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


BY KIMBERLY FISHER May Day… May Day… Next on our journey of investigating the big six, it is time to see what the reds have in store by exploring Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Merlot, this time with another twist. Cabernet Sauvignon is King. It is a grape that ages into subtle splendor, and is a world traveler. When its tiny ... Read More »

Brew Dog Hardcore IPA


BY Steve Lonsway Our beer selection for this month once again came from bottle stock at the Stone Arch Tap Room. It is the first imported beer our team decided to write about and we are all glad we did! Hardcore IPA from Ellon, Scotland based Brew Dog, a release from their “Amplified series”. This time around, our entire brewery ... Read More »

The “Uptown” is Undoubtedly Charming and Cheerful


By Lori Palmeri Uptown Tavern and Restaurant, 958 Sixth Street, Oshkosh, is a family owned and operated casual establishment, having recently opened on the south side of Oshkosh by Owner, Scott Wolliquette and sister, Cheryl. My husband and I recently lunched at Uptown, located in the former Mahoney’s historic building, escaping a hectic Saturday of responsibilities. Uptown’s comfortable classic cuisine, served ... Read More »

S. I. L. Waterfront Restaurant


BY Patrick K. Mares S.I.L. Waterfront Restaurant is so well tucked away on 1212 Marine Street that it’s easy to miss. But the eatery next to Zeller’s Ski and Sports feels like the sort of place you’d like to brag about finding to your foodie friends. S.I.L. which stands for Such is Life, is owned Walter Melgar, a Salvadoran-American by ... Read More »

Urban Fuel Coffee Shop & Café Opens in Former Feed Mill


By Dorothy Bliskey Urban Fuel, a new specialty coffee shop and café has opened its doors in Peebles, a tiny community just northeast of Fond du Lac. Serving breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday, Urban Fuel is located in the same space that housed the former Gift ‘n Gab eatery and gift shop. Urban Fuel’s owner, Terri Deanovich of Fond ... Read More »

CSA Farm Shares: A Locavores Best Deal


by Bonni Miller Tell me that you’re sold on the importance of buying locally grown food. Tell me that you understand the impact it has on your health and the health of the environment, the robustness of our economy, and the overall stability of our communities. Then ask me about CSA shares, and I’ll tell you about one of the ... Read More »

Parma, the Heart of the Food Valley


Located between the pointed peaks of the Alps and the green slopes of the Apennines, Parma is the heart of the food valley in Italy. Many incredible foods are produced in and around Parma, including Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese and Prosciutto Di Parma. The people of Parma have refined palates and truly appreciate the beauty of a good meal served in good ... Read More »

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