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The Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative


By Bonni Miller A stone’s throw from Hartman’s Creek State Park, west of Waupaca on Highway 54, sits a modest pole building looking out over hundreds of acres of tidy farm land. At the edge of the driveway leading to the building, a clean and modern sign reads, “Wisconsin Food Hub,” and it points the way to one of the ... Read More »

More of a Good Thing


BY Patrick Mares It was 11 o’clock on a dreary January day when I noticed a set of small blue and red lights on the floor of Bleu Restaurant and Lounge. With a whirring sound the lights lifted off the floor of the restaurant and buzzed around the corner, disappearing into the kitchen. J.R. Schoenfeld followed the device around the ... Read More »

Having a Brew with the Central Waters Team


By Merry Dudley Photos courtesy of Norma Jean Fochs. When we think about doing travel-related activities such as taking tours of interesting buildings or businesses, we tend to believe we have to travel great distances to see something new and interesting. What we may forget is that there are unique places often much nearer. In my case, I had to ... Read More »

Paula Deen is Making a Comeback…


Have you been missing your daily butter fix? Don’t worry, Paula Deen is back — but, this time, it’s on the internet and radio air waves. The celebrity chef is partnering with Compass Media Networks on both a daily radio show and a weekly podcast about — what else? — cooking. “I had my first day in the studio not ... Read More »

Gather Americana Restaurant & Deli: More Than Just a Restaurant


by Jean Detjen Upon entering the doors to Gather Americana Restaurant & Deli, you are greeted by live food posed on the wall as art. Fresh, fragrant super-foods, jauntily sprouting in rustic seed boxes, their colorful shoots waiting their day of edible adornment on someone’s lucky plate. The next thing you see is the magnificently inviting hearth that is central ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


BY KIMBERLY FISHER When choosing wine, it can be both difficult to pick the wine that suites you and it may be confusing to understand the different types of packaging and closures. There are a wealth of choices in the way wine is packaged today. Traditions have been slow to change, but as more options become available, it is worth ... Read More »

Starting a New Adventure


BY Steve Lonsway Our next beer tasting adventure started at a local grocery store and we wanted the beer label to dictate what beer we would write about. Being the brew team of Stone Arch Brew House/Stone Cellar Brewpub, we gravitated to the key word “Organic” we found on the bottle of Lakefront Brewery’s Organic E.S.B. You see Stone Cellar ... Read More »

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