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From the Wine Cave


BY Kimberly Fisher Chefs today, whether those in a restaurant or you at home, are experimenting with unique food and wine combinations to keep their lives interesting. The ever changing world of wine, along with an ever widening diversity of available ingredients in cooking helps make this exploration worth a try. There are rules one can live by, but I ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


BY Kimberly Fisher “Come quickly, I think I am seeing stars.” This was a famous quote by a monk in Champagne who worked in the cellars making wine. What little did he know back then that this thing he called ‘stars,’ was actually bubbles in a glass that could change your world. Effervescent wines have been known since antiquity, when ... Read More »

Harvest of Grapes to Glass


BY Kimberly Fisher Fall is upon us and it is this season that starts the harvest of grapes to glass. Have you ever thought about the lifecycle of a vine or how long it takes to get grapes to make that wonderful transition from vineyard to glass? The physical structure of the vine as cultivated. It consists of a single ... Read More »

The Wine Cave


BY Kimberly Fisher What makes a wine a WINE? Many characteristics and attributes contribute to this luscious drink, but understanding more of how it becomes what it is will help you appreciate more of what wine is. APPEARANCE AND COLOR: Wine can be red, white or rose. If a wine appears cloudy, there could be something wrong with it; we ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


BY Kimberly Fisher What island are you on? As we come into the summer months, wouldn’t it be amazing to explore the world, take on many adventures and surround yourself with great wine? I can take you there. Though it may be through the exploration of wine growing islands, I will show you the true beauty and define the best ... Read More »

Homemade wine secrets


By Mike Carraway If you enjoy making homemade wine, or are just thinking of giving it a try, this article will give you a few “inside tips” on how to make sure your first batch or your next batch of wine comes out perfect. This article won’t go in the the step by step details but there are many guides ... Read More »

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